Australia Awards Scholarships 2024 and the application procedure

Australia Awards Scholarships(AAS)for study commencing in 2025 About Australia Awards Scholarships Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) are a set of long-term programs sponsored by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The primary objective of these scholarships is to support the development needs of Australia's partner countries, in line with bilateral and regional agreements. This award program provides full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study opportunities for future global leaders from developing countries, particularly those located in the Indo-Pacific region, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions. The study and research opportunities provided by Australia Awards Scholarships aim to develop individuals' skills and knowledge to drive change and contribute to their countries' development. In a nutshell, the Aus

9 Simple Ways to Earn Money at Home While Studying In Australia

 Simple Ways to Work and study in Australia

Australia is one of the few countries in the world where international students have the opportunity to earn money in a diverse way. In fact, like some people say, it is an international student's perfect destination for making money. There are hundreds of online jobs or work from home jobs for anyone. This is because the job market is so huge so much that every single job opportunity is highly rewardable. The living cost in Australia is extremely high. While studying in Australia, you might need to work either to save some extra cash or to meet up with end means. The good news is that the job industry in Aussie is so much big, so much that if you are too busy getting out in the real world to get a job due to your busy study program, you can equally work at home and earn a good deal of cash. Below we will show you 9 major simple ways you can make extra cash at home while studying and living in Australia. Looking forward to working and studying in Australia? let's move ahead!

There is much to gain from the internet while studying and living in Australia, the internet offers thousands of home job opportunities. Internet is a really huge job market here in Australia. There is much you can do online to earn money while just sitting at home. If you are too busy to get a side hustle, or even if you have a side hustle and feel like you still got much off time from your study, below are some of the ways you can make money online  sitting in your house while studying in Australia and are just some of the little reasons Australia is also considered as international students perfect destination for making money :

#1 Manage social media for small businesses

study and work

In Australia, a lot of companies always looking for staff to manage their social media accounts. All you need is basic computer skills and to know how to find your way around social media like; managing Facebook and Instagram pages, ads board, followers etc. In another word, you will be responsible for growing these companies' social media presence and digital marketing across all their brands. This is really a perfect home job and common among students in Australia. Most of these jobs are even easy to find using job search engines such as  Jooble.orgIndeed ,SEEKJora etc.

#2 Answer online surveys

paid surveys

Another way to equally make money while at home studying in Australia is by answering surveys online. There are numerous Online survey companies you can work with and make some extra good cash. This won't make you rich though but can assist you to fuel your car, paying your bills and even doing some groceries. One of the best online surveys I can recommend so far is Octopus Group. I have personally used this site. They are considered the top paying online survey company in Australia. They will pay you approximately $4 to $8 for a survey that lasts only about 20 minutes.

I like surveying, it's good as you get paid for just answering questions. This is another great home job for a student. Other well paid and famous online survey sites include Toluna Influencers. There is a host of others and easy to find.
Sign up here for Octopus Group

#3 Sales consultant

international students perfect destination for making money

This is another demanding and common work from home job in Australia these days. This is a great way to earn extra cash at home while studying in Australia. The demand for Sales consultants is steadily growing in Australia right now. This is very common in the telecommunication industry where a lot of staff are being demanded to assist/provide solutions from home to clients on daily basis on the phone. Your duty is to engage in highly personalised consultations with clients on the phone to explore how technology solutions can better their way of life. Provide optimum solutions to customer needs etc.

In this role, what is usually required of you is good inter-communication and negotiation skills, to be friendly, patient, tolerating and a problem solver. Most of these jobs are easy to find on job search engines such as Indeed ,SEEKJora etc...

#4 Content provider for bloggers and websites

This is another great opportunity also, especially for people who love to write. All you need is to have good writing skills and time. You can earn about $50 dollars for writing up around 500 words just by sitting at home. Depending on your willingness and time, you can make a good deal of cash out of this.
Freelance jobs like this pay so and it's just so easy to manage. A lot of these jobs are easy to find online, you can just sign up with any of the popular Aussie job-seeking apps. Airtasker is a good place to start. The job app is the most common job app for many Aussies looking for casual job opportunities. Signing is easy, and the usage is really simple. 

Looking for a potential major source of income ? a good recommendation will be Studybay. It is a famous academic writing service common and a great freelance writing job for a student. Studybay is famous for its high respect for its workers. You can earn a substantial income of up to $2000 by the time the month ends. At one point in time, this was my main source of income. Sign up here for free to work with Studybay and start earning today 

essay writer

#5 Through Visual assistant

This is also a great job common among students in Australia. There is so much money here to make just sitting at home while studying, like being a Visual Assistant. However, this requires some skills, especially administrative skills. Any experience in this sector will make you a good match for this job and you are ready to go. You can equally find a lot of these jobs on Airtasker  in particular,as well as,  Indeed ,SEEKJora etc

#6 By Review website and apps

What about you getting paid just for reviewing apps and websites? Or get other rewards such as vouchers. You can equally just review products online and get paid with free products to taste and keep yourself. isn't this awesome?

#7 Teach a language or a course you know online

international students perfect destination for making money

This is also a common way to make money at home while you study in Australia. It's the perfect work job for those students in Education and social work. What subjects or languages are you good at? Can you teach or have any teaching experience? Then you got yourself a simple way to make extra cash from home. This is another way I used to make money when I just moved to Australia and even now, I still do this sometimes. I used to teach French and even Mathematics online and get paid about $30 per hour. Usually,           depending on individuals, the pay ranges from about $20 to $30 an hour . These jobs are very common online jobs, you can start by searching for one through AirtaskerGumtree and any of the above mentioned job searching engines

#8 By starting blogging


Oh, What about starting a blog like me? Do you have something you are interested in? or a particular niche? However, blogging is very lucrative but only in the long run. If you are searching for immediate cash, then I suggest you go into this later when you are more stable and with many other alternatives. As a student blogging might payout, but it won't be an immediate source of income. It takes a really long time to start earning from a blog and the situation varies per circumstances. Usually many months and even years in most cases. So if you are patient, got a good niche and are ready to work then this is a thing for you. You can find some online courses for a starter and move from there.

#9 Join an online research focus group

online paid surveys

You can equally take part in an online research group. This is a common work from-job for students in Australia. This involves very good pay also actually much better than the online survey earlier mentioned above. However, making money here will depend on your area of interest and your already acquired skills. Being a researcher with good leadership and analytical skills will give you an upper hand to secure this opportunity and make good money while at home as a student. There are many of these kinds of groups out there. I personally had a good experience working with Research connection . They generally offer around  $80 - $100 to take part in these surveys but this can be much higher for more specialized audiences. 

However, research opportunities/surveys come less often. You can  equally sign up with Respondent . This is where I am currently spending my time these days making extra cash. The pay is equally awesome as the Research connection. They also offer more projects and surveys. Some projects pay as high as $150 for 90 minutes of your time. Depending on your area of expertise and qualifications, wages can go as high as $400 for a given period of time.

If online hustle is your nothing," no worries" like we say in Australia. Check out this 9 Simple Work and study in Australia Jobs

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