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How to acquire your Australian TFN

How to acquire your Australian TFN

Study and work in Australia

TFN which stands for Tax File Number is composed of 9 digits and its your own very personal reference number in the Tax and Super system. In a simple word is a number that you must register with the Australian Taxation Office also known as (ATO).

As a student, in order to work in Australia, you must register with the Australian taxation office. It is a one time number for all your stay in Australia. Even if you change jobs, move to another city or even change name, you will maintain same number. Its yours for life.

There are many agencies online that assist people do this fast. But this post we will provide you with short and easy simple step by step guide to do this yourself online. You do not have to waste your money to an agency to do this. It is pretty easy process and straight forward. You can also easily apply for a TFN via a post office around your residence, which ever one is more comfortable for you. How ever, we recommend online as most people find it as a more easier and faster way to acquire TFN in Australia.

Before you start working in Australia, this is the very first document you must get. The good news also is that ? it is even free 😃.It takes about 28 days for the document to be ready and they will send it via post directly to the address you provided to them in the application. In this section we will provide you with screenshots of easy step by online process to get your TFN in Australia.

Before you apply for TFN as an international student or foreign passport holder( working holiday visa, backpackers etc..),there are three basic conditions that you must meet :
  • You are a foreign passport holder, permanent migrant or temporary visitor.
  • You are already in Australia.
  • Your visa is one of the following:
  1. A permanent migrant visa
  2. A visa with work rights
  3. An overseas student visa
  4. A visa allowing you to stay in Australian indefinitely (including New Zealanders automatically granted a visa on arrival).
Lets go directly to the point, the main document you need to apply with is just a valid passport or any relevant travel document, a  postal address in Australia where your TFN can be sent to when is approved, your legal name and other names you use and your contact details or your preferred contact person details:

  • Step 1 make sure that you have a valid passport, and have a specific postal address

The very first thing to do is to make sure that you have a valid passport beside you to enter your details. Also make sure that you already have a specific home address or school address where your TFN will be sent to.

  • Step 2 go to the Australian tax office (ATO) website

 Follow this link to the Australian Tax office website where you can do your application your self online. It takes only about 20 minutes maximum usually. And instructions and directions are all easy to follow. You can also do it via your local post office but most people find online to be a pretty easier and faster process. click on the ATO website link : Tax file Number/Australian Taxation Office.

Study and work In Australia

As seen on the picture above, click on the  foreign passport holder link. Once you clicked on the link, it will lead you to the next step below

  • Step 3 Verify if you meet entry conditions and then click on the apply button

Once here, read through to check if  you meet the conditions that are mentioned on it.
If yes scroll below and click on apply

Work and study in Australia

Click on the apply button in GREEN if you meet the named conditions mentioned on it.

Study and work

  • Step 4 verify the private policy and further details about TFN

Once you clicked on the GREEN apply button, it will bring you to this page which states the policy of TFN and gives you further details of what its actually. Click on next to take you to the next step

how  to apply  tax file number

  • Step 5 Further details about TFN

On this next step, they will explain more detail about TFN. Click on Next to take you to the next page.
apply for tax file number

  • Step 6 Enter your travel documents details

Here all you have to do is to put in your details from your main travelling documents exactly as it appears. Example of travel document they mean here is your passport. Then click on Next to move to the next page
Study and work

  • Step 7 Enter your personal Details

All you have do here is to fill in your personal details. Home address, suburbs, state, city etc. Then click again on Next to move to the next page
study and work tfn

  •  Step 8 Existing TFN,ABN or CRN information

This page is just about your status verification. They want to be sure if you never had TFN before. So all your answers on this page should be No except if you have lived in Australia before or had TFN. Click Next to move the next page.

Studying  and working

  • Step 9 Address and contact details confirmation

You are almost done with the application process. On this page, all you will have to do is to verify all the information you input so far .Your names, passport number etc. When you are done here, click Next and the next page will be for submission. After submitting DO NOT FORGET TO KEEP YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER. You will need it in case you get an earlier job or in case you have to call ATO for some urgent inquiries about your TFN application


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