600 Melbourne University Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS), 2022( fully funded MSc/PhD positions)

                        About the positions Melbourne University Graduate Research Scholarships(GRS)2022 Looking for fully funded graduate research scholarships to study abroad? Then you are in the right place. This is a great scholarship opportunity for any international student wishing to study abroad. This prestigious scholarship award is administered by Melbourne University  as a form of support to high achieving students around the world to study any research program in one of Australia's most prestigious universities. The opportunity is  open to both domestic and international students to pursue a career in any research disciple of their choice  to study Masters or PhD by research at the  Melbourne University Don't Forget To  Scholarships  benefits and Value Stipend and fee offset scholarships Scholarship type:  Full tuition fee co

List of scholarship portals/databases for international student scholarships, Australia

 university scholarships for international students

Where to find scholarships to study in Australia (Scholarship Portals/Databases)

They are more scholarship opportunities in Australia than you think. Did you know that there are currently about 373 scholarship providers in Australia? which offer over 3000 scholarships to international students who intend to study in Australia? and above all, did you also know most Australian Universities have no application fees?

When compared to other countries like the US or Canada, this is really a must-try-reason to apply to Australian Universities. In this post, we will talk about the various search engines you should know or use when searching for study in Australia for international students from Undergraduate scholarships for international students to Postgraduate coursework and Research degree scholarships in all fields of study

Australia has about 43 Universities and each of these universities has a scholarship portal where both internal and external scholarships from the university, university faculties, government, private institutions and individuals are being advertised. Among these 43 Universities,40 are Australian Universities (38 public and two private)and two are international. The following provides a listing of Australian Universities and scholarship portals for international. Each of the University links below will take you to the main scholarship page for international students. Find below university scholarships for international students to study in Australia

Australian Universities and their scholarship portals

                  Universities                                           Scholarships Portal               

  1. Australian Catholic University (ACU) ⸻ ACU International student scholarships
  2. Australian National University (ANU)  ⸻ ANU international student scholarship portal
  3. Bond University (Bond)                         ⸻ Bond student scholarship portal
  4. Central Queensland University (CQU)   ⸻ CQU International Student Scholarship portal
  5. Charles Darwin University (CDU) ⸻ CDU International Student Scholarships portal
  6. Charles Sturt University (CSU)⸻ CSU International Student Scholarships and grants portal
  7. Edith Cowan University (ECU) ⸻ ECU International Student Scholarships portal
  8. Deakin University (Deakin) ⸻ Deankin Student Scholarships Portal
  9. Curtin University (CURTIN) ⸻ Curtin Student Scholarships Portal
  10. Federation University (FEDUNI) ⸻ FEDUNI Student Scholarships Portal
  11. Flinders University (FLINDERS) ⸻ FLINDERS International Student Scholarships
  12. James Cook University (JCU) ⸻ JCU Scholarships Portal
  13. Griffith University (GRIFFITH) ⸻ GRIFFITH International Student Scholarships and Finance Portal
  14. Monash University (MONASH) ⸻ MONASH Scholarships Portal
  15. La Trobe University (LATROBE) ⸻ LATROBE International Student Scholarships Portal
  16. Murdoch University (MURDOCH) ⸻  MURDOCH International Student Scholarships Portal
  17. Macquarie University (MACQUARIE) ⸻  MACQUARIE International Student Scholarship Portal
  18. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) ⸻ QUT Scholarships Portal
  19. Southern Cross University (SCU) ⸻ SCU International student scholarships
  20. Swinburne University of Technology (SWINBURNE) ⸻ SWINBURNE International Student Scholarships Portal
  21. RMIT University (RMIT) ⸻ RMIT International Student scholarship Portal
  22. Torrens University (TORRENS) ⸻ TORRENS Scholarships Portal
  23. University of Canberra (CANBERRA) ⸻ CANBERRA Scholarship Portal
  24. University of Adelaide (ADELAIDE) ⸻ ADELAIDE International Student Scholarships Portal
  25. University of Divinity (DIVINITY) ⸻   DIVINITY Grants and Scholarships Portal
  26. University of Melbourne (MELBOURNE) ⸻ MELBOURNE Scholarships Portal
  27. University of New South Wales (UNSW) ⸻ UNSW international student Scholarship Portal
  28. University of Newcastle (NEWCASTLE) ⸻ NEWCASTLE International Student Scholarship Portal
  29. University of New England (UNE) ⸻ UNE Scholarships, Prizes and Awards
  30. University of Notre Dame (UNDA) ⸻ UNDA Scholarship Portal
  31. University of South Australia (UniSA) ⸻ UniSA Scholarships for International Students
  32. University of Queensland (UQ) ⸻ UQ International Student Scholarships Portal
  33. University of Southern Queensland (USQ) ⸻ USQ International Student Scholarship Portal
  34. University of Tasmania (UTAS) ⸻ UTAS Scholarships for International Students Portal
  35. University of Sydney (SYDNEY) ⸻ SYDNEY International student scholarships Portal
  36. University of Technology Sydney (UTS) ⸻ UTS Scholarships for international students
  37. University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) ⸻ USC Scholarships for international students
  38. University of Western Australia (UWA) ⸻ UWA Scholarships Portal International Students
  39. University of Wollongong (UOW) ⸻ UOW International student scholarships
  40. Western Sydney University (UWS) ⸻ UWS Scholarships Portal
  41. Victoria University (VU) ⸻ VU International Student Scholarships Portal

    Government Scholarships and their portals

    Below you will find various portals to search for Australian government-sponsored scholarship programs for internationals to study in Australia.

    1. Australia Awards Scholarships(AAS)
    2. Endeavor Leadership Program(ELP) Scholarships
    3. Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)
    4. Destination Australia
    Read more from List of Full Funded Government and Institution sponsored Scholarships in Australia   (Undergraduate/Masters/PhD/Short courses)

      Other institutions: Private Institutions/Organisations

      1. Joint Academic Scholarships Online Network
      2. Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

      Now that you about where to find scholarships in Australia, refer to the List of Australian Universities With No Application Fees and find a suitable course and university of choice, apply for a scholarship and join us in Australia! Good luck!!

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