Fully funded PhD Scholarship positions-Australia National University(ANU)

                                         About the Fully funded PhD Scholarship positions-Australia National University(ANU) A number of PhD scholarships are currently  open at Australia National University  to help attract postgraduate students to the fields of Demography. The scholarship is being offered by  the ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences known as the 'ANU Futures of Demography PhD Scholarship'.  The scholarship is open to any eligible applicant to undertake  PhD research degree in Australia. The scholarship will offer  full tuition cover and other financial supports for the duration of study.  The goal of ANU Futures of Demography PhD Scholarship is to support high achieving  PhD students  (both international and local) who are interested in conducting research in demography at the Australian National University. The Funding for the scholarships has been facilitated by the Australian National University Futures Scheme Grant, via the School of Demography, ANU C

How to win Fully Funded Australian Scholarships (General Scholarship Requirements for Research Degree Programs-Masters/PhD)

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We all think that Australia is one of the most expensive countries to study as international students🙉.That was my thought also until i moved to Australia😌.Yes, it is expensive, but the availability of many scholarships put in places by the government, educational institutions and many other external organisations make it cheap for international students to study and live in Australia. In this particular post we will advise, guide and provide you with tips you need to secure a full scholarship to study in Australia.

Like we mentioned before in our previous posts, though there are thousands of scholarships available out there for all students, the most common found scholarships are mostly those of HDR (Higher Degree by Research)Students ,that is Masters and PhD's by research. There are more scholarships available for the HDR programs than the course work  degree  for a Master or PhD studies (Read more here). So if you are a research student, then this post is for you. Below are the requirements you need to meet or possess if you wish to secure a full time or even partial Masters or Ph.D.  by research scholarship to study in Australia. Below are 7 essential magical tips to guide you on the  skills you need to develop or need to possess in order to secure these scholarships.

  • 1 Working Experience/Professional Experience

 Most Postgraduate scholarships in Australia require you to have extensive professional or working experience especially in relation to your field of study and publications. This is used to evaluate your research development skills. Possessing some of these skills give you a plus advantage to secure a sponsorship for your studies as its one of the highest requirement. Take note that these professional development skills must not only come from a particular job experience. It could be your experience as a university research assistant, intern or any form of work experience you gained which is relevant to undertake a higher degree by research. Gain these skills, gain advantage in securing a scholarship.

  • 2 Academic Background/Qualification

Most Australian scholarships require you to have a postgraduate degree with significant research component. You must have done research projects, have some publications, completed a thesis or dissertation with overall high great point average(GPA).You must possess or show significant project management, methodological and analytical skills.

  • 3 Research Skills (Some Publications)

 This is another relevant area where you must develop or must have developed if you wish to secure scholarships in Australia. Australian Postgraduate scholarships require a significant research skill relevant to undertake your higher degree by research. Apart from your thesis or dissertation, you must have done some projects and have some publications in high impact journals. At least one significant publication. Two, and above publication is already a sure path to secure any sponsorship. This outstanding research background is used to evaluate your methodological ,analytical and project skills which are essential to secure sponsorship.

  • 4 Relevant Research Proposal.

  Most Postgraduate scholarships will depend on how significant and relevant is your research proposal to undertake a higher degree by research. They want to see those research skills I analysed above .For more about research proposal read  more on how to Develop a good captivating research proposal. An exciting topic to cover also is this "Research Proposal Guide for Successful Admission/Scholarship applications"

  • 5 English Language Proficiency

  It is really hard to get any admission or scholarship in Australia without a significant score from your English Language proficiency test. Most scholarships requirements will want you to maintain at least an overall band 6 score with no component below 6.Some will require  6.5 overall, with no component below 6.Others will require an overall score of 7,with no component below 6.5.To stay in a safe side, a band score of 6.5 overall with no component less that 6 is your ultimate goal. Keep in mind that the Australian Immigration office also requires an English language score during your visa application

  • 6 Good recommendations letters from work or supervisors.

Good recommendation letters from your supervisors or work place is essential to secure a scholarship to study in Australia. Preparing your referees months ahead before your scholarship application is the major tip we can recommend here. You must give them enough time, and try to remind them again time to time before the final day to submit your application. They are busy people, you must put that in mind, so give them enough time so that they can be ready before the deal day. A good recommendation, is a good chance to secure that scholarship. How to Contact a supervisor asking for recommendation letters.

  • 7 Your Determination and Commitment

Securing any type of scholarship is not a day work. It is not something you just wake up and do. You must be determined and committed. It takes days, months and even years to prepare. Take your time, prepare your research proposal, contact your referees, follow them up, revise your application several time before submitting .

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