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Pro-tips on how to study in Australia for Free  Imagine being able to study in Australia without worrying about the financial burden. It may seem impossible, but with the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck, you can achieve this dream and study in Australia for free. Don't let the fear of expenses hold you back from pursuing your education. With determination and hard work, you can make your dreams a reality.  So yes, It is possible to study in Australia without spending a single penny, provided you have the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck. Let me explain it to you in detail. In Australia, most universities don't charge international students any application fees, particularly postgraduate research students. You can find a list of 16 universities in Australia that don't require application fees. This is a great opportunity for international students with good academic records to apply to multiple universities, increasing their ch

Fully Funded Scholarships and complete application guide to study in Australia(Undergraduate, Postgraduates)

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Recently we have been receiving a lot questions about fully funded scholarships in Australia for international students  and what it takes  to get them ie the eligibility criteria and requirements etc... This post provides answers regarding scholarships availability for all  study level ie undergraduate, masters and PhD scholarships in Australia. Read till the end to understand the whole process of applying to study in Australia, application guides and tips to be successful etc..

Some of the most common questions and which i will provide the answers here include ?

1. For undergraduate scholarships availability questions:
  • Can international students get undergraduate scholarships to study in Australia ?
  • what are the eligibility criteria and requirements, how can i apply for one ?
  • What are the available scholarships ? 
2. For Masters scholarships and PhD scholarships availability questions:
  • How can i apply for masters or PhD scholarships? 
  • What are the eligibility criteria and requirements? 
  • What are the available scholarships ?
  •  Are scholarships automatically considered if i gain an admission?
  •  How do i contact a potential supervisor asking for a studentship position ? 
  • Can i work and study same time ? It is worthy coming to Australia for studies?
3. How do i find a course to study in Australia ?

4. How do i apply for student visa  to study in Australia? 
  • What is Immiacount and how do create one?

        Generally, the first thing that you must know about scholarships and admissions in Australia is that most universities have no application fees. This is what fundamentally makes studies in Australia special and desirable than any other country. This and others is also part of the reasons  why today you see Australia becoming a top destination for higher education for many international students. They currently have the best advanced and equipped educational facilities, research centres and staffs. An amazing environment conducive for studies and fun at the same time.

    To make it even even better about 3000 scholarships are being offered to international students around the world yearly from about 373 scholarship providers to study in Australia. Most Australia universities provide  Internal scholarships and other scholarships sponsored by the government, individual external organisations etc..

    To provide answers to all the above questions, I will start with earliest step in the whole study in Australia process. ie finding a course.

    How do i find a course to study in Australia ?

    To find a course to study in Australia is the very step in the whole study in Australia process. Universities in Australia offer a diverse range of courses you can ever imagine. This summary below gives a step by step guide from find a course to study in Australia, to getting a scholarship for the course and finally accepting the offer and apply for your visa. 

    Read more in detail about each the above steps on how to "find a course and the complete process to study in Australia"

    what is Genuine Temporary entry?

    For undergraduate degree scholarships availability to study in Australia question

    Generally scholarships for undergraduate degree for international students to study abroad is very rare world-wide. This is  partly because Scholarships are usually being offered to sponsor research so as to bring innovation and knew knowledge in these fields. Most undergraduate scholarships on the one are merit based meaning based on an academic performance like GPA rather that research skills and capabilities. The most common undergraduate scholarships are partially funded. How ever, to get an undergraduate scholarship to study in Australia being partially or fully funded, you must meet some general conditions (requirements). This is because all scholarships are very competitive and must be selective. Only the best win. Some general undergraduate scholarship requirements to study Australia include :

    • An outstanding academic performance. ie good performance from your previous studies
    • An understanding and general knowledge of your area of study
    • English language proficiency . This is mostly for international students from non-English speaking countries or where English is not your native language. Do not confuse native language with official language. This is very common misconception  with students from countries where English is an official language . The least score you should have for admissions should be 6.5 overall for Ielts  in most universities or courses with no band lower than 6.0. How ever, note that ,some courses or universities will have a higher overall band.
    • An outstanding recommendation letters.

    Note that these are just the least of the requirements  depending on the course, scholarship provider and university, more  might be demanded. Please read more in detail about undergraduate scholarship requirements Australia here

    For current available fully funded undergraduate scholarships to study in Australia please check ECU School of Science Excellence Scholarships

    Check more undergraduate fully funded scholarships to study in Australia

    For Masters and PhD degree scholarship availability infos to study in Australia

    Generally, its very easy to get Masters or PhD degree scholarships to study in Australia than undergraduate scholarships. These scholarships are more common. Like i explained before, scholarships are being offered more to sponsor research and advancement in scientific knowledge. In this situation therefore, it is more common to find masters and PhD scholarships.

    Don't get perplex, there are generally two types of scholarships for postgraduate degree programs (Masters/PhD) abroad. There is masters and PhD degree scholarship by research and another for Masters and PhD degree program for course work programs. The most common type of scholarships are obviously research degree program scholarships. In Australia, this sector is commonly known as HDR( Higher Degree by Research). The requirements for both scholarship types are therefore different also including the admission procedure.

    # For higher degree by research programs(Masters/PhD),general requirements for university admission and scholarships include :

    • Good research proposal(Research Proposal Guide for Successful Admission/Scholarship applications)
    • strong research background
    • Outstanding research skills and broad knowledge of of study area or interest
    • strong analytical and methodology skills,
    • Outstanding leadership and communication skills ,
    • Previous working experiences and other extra curricular activities,
    • Appropriate English language proficiency scores,(At least 6.5 overall generally might differ in some cases)
    • Supervisor approval,
    • Good recommendations from your previous supervisors

    Note that, these qualifications are just a summary of what you need to increase your chances of getting a  scholarship abroad. Some students still depend on  a good GPA, this  alone can’t give you a scholarship !

    Read more about general Masters and PhD by research degree scholarship requirements here  to study in Australia. And if you more interested in a course work Masters or PhD program, you can find the general requirements here. Check these 6 tips On How To Apply Successfully For Australian Scholarships

    In most cases, there is no separate form for scholarship application when applying for an admission. You are automatically considered for the relevant scholarship once you get an admission. check these   5 tips on how to Secure a Postgraduate Admission In An Australian University

    For a current PhD scholarship opportunity check University of Technology Sydney fully funded scholarship(IRTP) 2020 2021. For more PhD scholarship opportunities refer to Fully funded PhD scholarships in Australia 

    For  a current masters degree scholarships 2020 2021 to study in Australia check Fully funded Master's degree scholarships with no application fee. For more fully funded masters scholarships refer to Masters degree scholarships to study in Australia

    # For a Postgraduate course work degree program scholarship (Masters0 you might want to have :

    • An outstanding academic performance ie good GPA. 
    • Previous work experience can really increase your chances,
    • Good communication and leadership skills
    • Knowledge and perfect understanding of area of interest
    • Appropriate English language proficiency score (At least 6.5 overall generally might differ in some cases)
    • Good recommendation letters from referees etc..
    Please read more here about these requirements in details.

    For some amazing funded postgraduate course work degree scholarship check James Cook University Destination Australia scholarships for international students 2020 2021.

    Note that, there is a difference between finding a scholarship and getting a scholarship. How you understand this two strategies is very important in your quest to win a scholarship abroad. Read more on "how do you find a scholarship to study abroad ?"

    How to contact potential supervisors

    How to get approval from a potential supervisor

    To obtain an admission or scholarship into an Australian university like many other universities abroad, you must get an approval from a supervisor in that university from your field of interest. Once you succeed in securing a supervisor who is ready to supervise you, your chances of getting an admission or a scholarship rapidly increases. This is especially common for research degree programs both masters and PhD. Some students have problems contacting potential supervisors when asking for a PhD or masters degree student position. If you have not yet read this famous guide on " how to successfully  contact potential supervisor when asking for masters or Ph.D. position, i recommend you do now before sending your next email to any potential supervisor abroad!

    Study and work in Australia

    There are many opportunities for international students here in Australia especially when it comes to earning extra income while you study. From face to face normal hustles to online jobs and countless others can make your life very comfortable in Australia. The pay rate is good as minimum wage at this current time per hour is around 22$ Aus  for most jobs especially hostility and social service jobs. 

    Check 9 Simple Ways to Earn Money at Home While Studying In Australia

    Also check 9 simple study and work job in Australia

     For more information about study and work opportunity refer to  Study and work in Australia . You can easily find much  information online about how to get jobs in Australia and what it takes to get them

    Why it worth studying in Australia

    As you can see above already, these and others are just some of the amazing reasons why you chose Australia as your next destination for study abroad  dreams and adventures. There is no application fees for most universities like in many other parts of the world, outstanding research facilities, staffs and capabilities, easy opportunities for professional research trainings, internships with the best companies in the world, Crime rates are extremely low as compared to many other places, pay rates are the best in the world, beautiful environment and wildlife, diversity etc. so what is holding you back? Read more about some of the amazing reasons why it worth it studying in Australia

    How do i apply for a student visa to study in Australia

    After you have gotten your admission and the scholarship, the next thing to do is to apply for an Australian student visa subclass 500. Australia student visa application process  is commonly done  online. If you face difficulties you can contact an immigration agent directly via the Department of Home affairs. There is a bunch of requirements and paper works you must put together before you lodge your visa application. You will have to create an account with the Australia Department of Home Affairs to lodge your visa application, this is known as the Immiaccount. You can refer here for more details about Australian student visa requirements and how to prepare them. If its your first time using immiaccount  or applying for Australian student visa check this  Easy step by step guide for Australian student visa online application (ImmiAccount) with the whole process well summarised

    As a general tip, when Applying for a scholarship ,you must keep in mind that ,this is not just about meeting the eligibility requirement .There are many other things you must consider. Find out below some of the things you need to know on how to successfully apply for a scholarships

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