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10 Reasons Why You Must Study In Australia Now

study in australia for free

    10 Reasons why you should consider studying in Australia today

Leaving home to study abroad is the biggest decision you can ever make. There are many top countries  to study abroad to achieve high quality education. Among these countries, Australia stands out as one of the best. In recent years, its been the top destination country for many international students  seeking quality education abroad. Why do you think so ?what are the reasons why people chose Australia over other countries like USA, Canada, Norway, Germany to name a few?  Why study in Australia and not Canada, USA etc..?  The answers to these questions are the top reasons why you should consider studying in Australia now. 

Below are just some of the many reasons why you should consider Australia as your oversea study destination today, why Australia is the best, read through for a bonus tip at the end of the post:

#1 World-class education ,staffs and facilities

Quality of Education in Australia stands out as the numero uno. Australia is home to top global universities. These universities do not only offer-world class education but also highly qualified staffs and well equipped facilities .The country offers one of most recognized centres in the world for excellence high class education, research and leadership including thousands of scholarships aside to make your studies and life easy.    By studying in Australia, you are well exposed to  the world's best trained qualified professionals in your area of expertise, have opportunities to be trained with advance facilities and resources etc. More so, the country offers you  multiple opportunities for your career development and networking.

Australia has 43 Universities. Among these 43 Universities,40 are Australian Universities (38 public and two private) and two are international. They are  many non-university providers also in Australia providing many higher education courses and qualifications. here you can find List of Australian Universities

#2 Thousands of scholarships made available to ease your costs

You can basically study in Australia for free. To make things easier for international students, the Commonwealth Nation of Australia has put in place thousands of scholarships to support cost of living, tuition fees offset and daily life of international students .Most of these scholarships are offered by the government, universities and other organisations. Refer here for a list of Full Scholarships in Australia offer by these institutions (Government scholarships, University scholarships, other organisations etc). Here you can find a list of fully funded Undergraduate scholarships, fully funded masters scholarships and PhD scholarships. Plus application fees can be free for most of these scholarships. Read more.. here about tips to study free abroad.

#3 Friendly people and environment, international student protective laws

International students in Australia enjoy from the highly safe environment and friendly people. To protect international students and their stay in Australia ,the government of Australia has in place strong laws  towards protecting the rights of international students and their security. Australia is a multicultural  and open society. This makes it easy to easily for you to find a place to call home.

#4 Availability of a variety of  academic disciplines and options

Studying in Australia offers a variety of highly recognized international fields whether you are interested in a  research  training, professional ,vocational or a course work degree. Australia as a top destination for study abroad programs for international students offers multiple fields you can choose from, ranging from language programs to any top discipline of your choice. What is required of you is to check out  a university of your choice and see what courses are being offered and how you can meet the requirements. Don't know the various requirements to study a degree program in Australia? we got you cover. Browse through undergraduate, Masters/PhD(research degree), postgraduate coursework admissions and scholarships requirements to study in Australia.

#5 Cultural diversity, vibrant city life and regional areas

study in Australia

Australia is home to the most diverse culture and people you can meet around the globe. This cultural diversity offers you a comfort  zone when you move into the country. It is easy to meet with people matching your area of interest, activities, lifestyles etc.. Universities in Australia are located all over the country, in both the cities and in regional areas. Where ever you choose to study, you will be exposed to amazing lifestyle. 

#6 Beautiful landscapes and nature to free yourself from academic trauma 

study in Australia

Australia is home to a wide variety of wildlife and beautiful nature. The Outback is famous for its broad plains and unusual animals. The country is known for animals like kangaroos and koalas, the amazing Great Barrier Reef, hundreds of beaches all over the country, clean air and water, vibrant city life and beautiful regional sites. Even with all your years of studying in Australia, you won't still be able to visit all the tourist sites and places  Australia has to offer. The country has a lot to offer when it comes to fun, holiday trips  and parties etc... 

Have you had a Koala hug before😍? or taken a selfie with a smiling Quokka😮? I know you are imaging the cuteness right now haha. You can find some of these beautiful pics and places on our Instagram page and Pinterest😀.So why chose Australia to live? All these is the answer to many people who decided to chose Australia as their top destination. It is a fun and lovely place to be for so many reasons.

#7 Available  of working opportunities and internships to advance your professional career

While studying in Australia,  you will be guided by  the world's best trained qualified professionals in your area of expertise, have opportunities to be trained with advance facilities and resources, expose to multiple opportunities for your career development and networking. Most Universities have in place  available internship opportunities across the country to help grow professional career and leadership skills. Apart from this, the job industry is really advance and huge. This provides a range of part time job opportunities for international studies while studying. If you are too busy to work outside, there is a bunch of home and online jobs you can do to earn money.  Australia for some is even considered as the international students perfect destination for making money.

#8 Standard of living

Australia has one of the best standard of living in the world. The health care is exceptional and a talked about. As international students, you have the opportunity to work part times and meet up with your cost of living. More so, there is a bunch of financial supports and scholarships put in place to make sure that you meet your goals and live an easy life in Australia

#9 Easy acquisition of student visas

Students visas to study in Australia are not that difficult to acquire. How ever, there is a procedure to follow and criteria to meet. More so, there is a lot of people to assist you go through all these steps. The government(Department of home affairs ) has also put in place much information to make things easier for you. For more information about student visa refer to Australian student visa application guide  and also check out things to do before applying for Australia student visa

#10 Bonus tip :No application fee for most Australian Universities

Application fees to study in most Australian Universities is free. This is unlike most European, or American and other Universities around the world where application for admissions is attached with huge amount of fees. How ever, generally all Research Degree Programs(HDR)  ie Masters and PhDs by research degree is application fees, but for most course work degrees  in some study options with no waiver you will have to pay an application fee. 

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