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                                         About the Fully funded PhD Scholarship positions-Australia National University(ANU) A number of PhD scholarships are currently  open at Australia National University  to help attract postgraduate students to the fields of Demography. The scholarship is being offered by  the ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences known as the 'ANU Futures of Demography PhD Scholarship'.  The scholarship is open to any eligible applicant to undertake  PhD research degree in Australia. The scholarship will offer  full tuition cover and other financial supports for the duration of study.  The goal of ANU Futures of Demography PhD Scholarship is to support high achieving  PhD students  (both international and local) who are interested in conducting research in demography at the Australian National University. The Funding for the scholarships has been facilitated by the Australian National University Futures Scheme Grant, via the School of Demography, ANU C

How to apply for scholarships- Research Degree Applicant Guide

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How to apply for scholarships to study abroad guide : Masters/PhD Research Degree Programs in Australia

This is most popular form of question we receive and almost every day. How do I apply for a scholarship to study in Australia? Or how do I apply for a scholarship to study abroad. Truth be told the whole application process is complex especially for research degree programs, how ever the easiest way to navigate through is to know in advance exactly what you are looking for and how to go about it.

Before starting your application, you should know already  know what it takes to get the scholarships ie the requirements, make sure that you meet these requirements and be eligible to apply. This will avoid time wasting on your part. Things to check before lodging your application:

  • Be sure to you meet all the eligibility criteria for the scholarship
  • Make sure you have kept as many referees as possible for recommendation letters.
  • Make sure to have friends who can review your application before submission

If all the above steps have been met, you can then go ahead and start your application. Generally the application for graduate research scholarships is done at the time of applying for your course. The same application process is used for both admission and/or scholarship via the University Online Application Portal. In some cases, there is an option to indicate the scholarship you are interested in while applying for your chosen course. In other cases, you don't need to indicate or select as you will be automatically considered for any eligible scholarship if offered a place to study in that University.

 So after finding a scholarship online from a platform like ours, you will have to _visit the institution website and if it was a general scholarship open to any course of your choice, identify a research course/program you are interested in, _apply for a candidature and being considered automatically for the scholarship if eligible. 

Below we present in detail the general process to apply for a research degree program (Masters or PhD) scholarship to study in Australia in five major step . This is a common procedure for Canada, USA and many other European countries also. After you have identified a course of interest including the available scholarship, to apply, the first step is to :

  1. Check to see that you meet the minimum entry requirements, then 
  2. Contact potential supervisors for supervision approval, then
  3. Submit an expression of interest
  4. lodge your application 
  5. Wait for the outcome. See details on each step below:

Step 1- Check scholarship requirements (entry requirements). 

Like I  mentioned above, to be successful with research degree scholarship applications, the very first step is to check to see that you meet all the requirements before lodging any application. You are always free to contact the University for any enquiry on how to meet a certain requirement. If there are available projects, familiarise yourself with them and keep the name of any supervisor you find  interest in his/her project. Familiarise yourself with his/her works and research as you will need to find a prospective supervisor later on. Check other available scholarships also on the University website and the entry requirements

See General Masters/PhD research degree scholarships requirements here to study in Australia. Same criteria goes for other Universities abroad

Step 2- Contact potential supervisors. 

how to contact potential supervisors

You will have to contact potential supervisor/s and submit an expression of interest. You should get a in touch with a potential supervisor. This is another whole process. You might be wondering what you will be discussing with him? You will have to discuss your research interest with him and see that he gives you an approval to continue with your application. In most Australia Universities and other Universities abroad, they will request a proof of an approval of supervision from a prospective supervisor before your application can go to the next step. Some times you will have to just state his name in your application form/EOI or submit a screen shot of the approval email from him Getting an approval from a potential supervisor is your First Key to success! 

Where do you find potential supervisors? Universities have staff websites where you can visit and identify potential supervisors in your area of interest. Finding the right researcher to become your supervisor is a very important part of your application. 

As major tip before contacting a potential supervisor,  ensure you have familiarised yourself with the supervisor’s academic portfolio. Make sure they are suitable for your proposed research area

In some cases the supervisors have list of available projects, if you are interested in any of the project,  you can apply for them or propose your own project and apply. Most PhD  programs have available research projects. 

If you are unable to find a potential supervisor, contact the Graduate Research School. They will send your EOI to suitable supervisors who may be interested in your proposed project.

At this stage of your application, it is good to already have a developed research plan.

Learn more on how to contact potential supervisors when seeking for research degree studentship position

Step 3- Complete an EOI.

 If you meet  the program minim entry requirements and got an approval from a potential supervisor, you can then submit an Expression of Interest(EOI).  Most Australia Universities  not all, will ask to submit an EOI for a research degree program. This is also being done in most Canadian, American and European Universities. In some Universities for your EOI of interested to be accepted, you must get in touch with a prospective supervisor would is ready to work with you and provide the evidence of his approval. Usually in the form of a confirmation email. 

What is an EOI ? An Expression of Interest (EOI) is a preliminary application form that enables the University to determine the student eligibility. This form is usually available on research degree application website. You will have to download the form in most cases, fill it out and submit to the Graduate Research School. Usually Candidature Management Advisors will evaluate your EOI and may invite you to complete an application online if you are deemed eligible. If are applying for any specific interested University project, you will have the opportunity to mention that here and the name of the supervisor.

An Expression of interest will usually demand a  short description of the student proposed area of research and a summary of academic qualifications, including grades. 

 If your  (EOI) is successful, you will then be invited to submit a final application for the research degree program.

In some Universities however, they require applicants to first submit an EOI, and if deemed eligible for the program, they then send a request for you to find a supervisor in your area of research interest prior to beginning your application.

Step 4- Complete your application/Apply

If your EOI  was successful, you have gotten an approval from a supervisor who is ready to work with you, you will be invited to complete your application online. In this process you will  have to prepare and submit :

  • Draft a research proposal. 

Part of your application for a research degree will include submitting a research proposal. This is another major Key document to your success. A good proposal shows you have a clear vision of the research topic and will help frame your project and thesis. In most cases, there is already a template with instructions that you will have to use. 

See here how to write a captivating research proposal for scholarship application.  I recommend you take your time on this.

  • Statement of purpose(SOP). 

Usually there is template for this also available at the application website. In some cases you will have download and write, in other cases you can just do it online

  • Referee reports.

 In most cases Universities will recommend you to nominate two or three referees for research degree programs. Hope you have been staying in good tense with your  previous supervisors, academic or work

  • Scholarships-indicate the specific scholarship your are applying for

While filling the online application form, you will find the available scholarship sections, here identify the specific scholarship you are interested in. How ever, in most cases, once you have been given an offer of candidature, you are automatically considered for the available scholarships. There is no separate application as the application for graduate research scholarships is done at the time of applying for your course. The same application process is used for both admission and/or scholarship.

Step 5-Wait for the outcome and pray.

 Once all this is completed, you can then go ahead and submit your application and any other requested document. You will be advised on the outcome of your application usually via email. 

If you are successful, you will be advised of the outcome of your application with the relevant scholarship you applied with. If unsuccessful, an application for scholarship may result in an offer of candidature only.

If successful, applicants  have  a limited period to either accept or decline an offer of candidature and/or scholarship, so as to commence their candidature.

How to accept your offer ? To accept your offer and the scholarship, just follow the instructions in the email accompanying your offer.

Once you have indicated your acceptance of offer, you will receive an acknowledgement email with further instructions about the commencement of your candidature. You will equally receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) for visa requirements. This is the document (CoE) you will use to apply for your visa

That was the whole research degree application process in a summary. Hope you find this helpful. 

Final tips: apply for as  many scholarships as possible. I can't count the number of schools I submitted scholarship application with. I was lucky to receive an offer from three different schools. I ended up with a problem of choice. You can make your case to be same also.! good luck!

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