How to study in Australia for free: Your Guideline

Pro-tips on how to study in Australia for Free  Imagine being able to study in Australia without worrying about the financial burden. It may seem impossible, but with the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck, you can achieve this dream and study in Australia for free. Don't let the fear of expenses hold you back from pursuing your education. With determination and hard work, you can make your dreams a reality.  So yes, It is possible to study in Australia without spending a single penny, provided you have the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck. Let me explain it to you in detail. In Australia, most universities don't charge international students any application fees, particularly postgraduate research students. You can find a list of 16 universities in Australia that don't require application fees. This is a great opportunity for international students with good academic records to apply to multiple universities, increasing their ch

Easy step-by-step guide for Australian student visa(Subclass 500) online application (ImmiAccount)

student visa

If you plan to study in Australia, whether it's for a short or long period, you need to apply for a Student Visa. You can choose to apply online or visit an Embassy, but applying online is usually the most convenient and fast way to go about it. In my case, I received my visa just an hour or two after submitting my application.

This post is aimed at students who have scholarships for university and are applying for a student visa, especially those pursuing Higher Degree by Research (HDR). However, the process is similar for all student visas, with minimal differences depending on whether you're an undergraduate applicant, Postgraduate coursework or research student, self-sponsored or government scholarship recipient, or language student.

The process here begins with the assumption that you've already received your CoE and all other necessary documents from your school. For a clear understanding of all the required documents for an Australian student visa (500) application, visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website.

temporary resident visaI have successfully captured screenshots of the step-by-step process to help you apply for an Australian student visa (500) using your Immi Account. Follow the guide carefully to make your application process easier. By now, you should have collected, scanned, and saved all the documents that you need to submit electronically. This process is divided into 20 simple phases and sub-steps to ensure a smooth application process.

Complete process Summary
  • Phase 1. Create your Immi Account Login
  • Phase 2. Application context.
  • Phase 3. Primary Applicant Details
  • Phase 4. Contact Details
  • Phase 5. Authorized Recipient
  • Phase 6. Non-Accompanying Family Members
  • Phase 7. Genuine Temporary Entrant
  • Phase 8. Funding for Stay
  • Phase 9. Health Insurance
  • Phase 10. Education
  • Phase 11. Employment
  • Phase 12. language
  • Phase 13. Countries visited
  • Phase 14. Visa History
  • Phase 15. Health Declaration
  • Phase 16. Character Declaration.
  • Phase 17. Student Declarations
  • Phase 18. Carefully cross-check and review all the details you have entered so far
  • Phase 19. Supporting Evidence
  • Phase 20. Online Payment
  • Final Phase. Visa Processing Time

Phase 1: Create your Immi Account

You can find the link to this by going to the Australian immigration homepage website:  Australian Government Department of Home Affairs and while here, click on Immi Account.

temporary resident visa

Step 1:
 Create your Immi Account by clicking “create account” as seen below:

apply for an Australian visa

Once you have created your account as I mentioned above, the below section will appear, select “individuals” and then proceed to fill in your information, make sure your names are well spelled and in order as it’s in your passport.

temporary resident visa

Step 3: Proceed with the setting up of your account. Make sure to use your current and right email address because this will be used to verify your account and for future updates on your visa application

temporary resident visa

Step 4:
When the above step is done, it will direct you to this next stage letting you know that your account has been successfully created and recommends you to verify your email for confirmation.

temporary resident visa

Step 5:
Click continue and the page below will appear, click on “New Application”

temporary resident visa

Step 6:
An entry will open, and You will see various option, click on “student”. This will expand, select “student visa (500)”

immiaccount login

Step 7:
The application terms and conditions. Read them and click to show that you have read and accepted them. I did not provide the screenshot. It is a simple step.

Phase 2. Application context

 In this part you need:
  • Provide your current location,
  • Put Yes for the CoE question since you should be having one. Note (your CoE code is in the top right corner of your CoE document)
  •  Put No, for this course is a continuation.
  •  No, for other evidence intended study,
  •  Education sector: select postgraduate research since you are coming for a PhD program,
  • Closure of education provider: No
  • Commonwealth-funded student: No, you are being funded by the University, or yes if in your case commonwealth is your sponsor etc...

temporary resident visa
temporary resident visa

Phase 3. Primary Applicant Details

This is a critical area; incorrect information will lead to major complications in acquiring your visa
  • Enter your passport information exactly as it appears on your passport
  • It is strongly recommended that the passport be valid for at least six months. 
  • National Identity Card. is not necessary but good if you have one, say yes and fill in the details.
  • You must mention your current relationship status.
  • You really do not need to enter any other identity documents
  • Health Examination – say No. Except if you already did one
  • Place of issue/issuing authority: your country of nationality for the current passport you're holding
temporary resident visatemporary resident visa

Next step: Answer the question and provide additional documents if necessary

temporary resident visa

Next step:
Accompanying family members:

  • This is asking if you are bringing a family member with you as a result of your studies (like bringing your parents, child to be with you while you study or wife.) 

    temporary resident visa

    Phase 4. Contact Details

    • Department Office: Choose the office closest to you. 
    • Country of Residence: selecting your current country of residence, where you are currently living. Be careful about auto-fill!
    • For address and phone number in Australia: leave these areas blank

      temporary resident visa
      temporary resident visa

      Phase 5. Authorized Recipient

      • Here, choose No. You do not need an authorized recipient.
      • Provide your most frequently used email. Keep in mind that you are notified via an email if your visa is granted

      temporary resident visa

      Phase 6. Non-Accompanying Family Members

      Are you having other family members that won’t be going with you? This question is simply asking you about the rest of your family members that are left behind. Family members could be your parents, your siblings, or even your kids and wife if you are married. So Yes if you have and No if you don’t.

      temporary resident visa

      Next: This question is asking if you have parents and/or siblings. give them the right answer

      immi account

      Next : Enter the information for each family member

      temporary resident visa
      This section requires you to confirm that you have no incentive to acquire this student visa so as to remain in Australia. Write an example of something brief here as stated below and later you will upload a lengthy statement in the supporting document.

      Dear visa Officer,
      I Mr…. declare that I intend to genuinely stay
      in Australia temporarily and have no incentives to obtain this
      student visa to remain after completing my course...
      Refer to What is GTE? How To Meet This Essential Student Visa Requirement for further details about GTE

      temporary resident visa

      Phase 8. Funding for Stay

      • Select Yes
      • Select “Other organization scholarship / financial support. (For government scholarship holders, select government scholarship and name the provider)
      • Sponsoring organization type: Education provider
      • Sponsoring organization name: Name of your university,
      • Scholarship/Award name: The scholarship name

      temporary resident visa

      Phase 9. Health Insurance

      • Select Yes, you have OSHC, and it will expand to more questions:
      • Was it organized by the education provider – Yes
      • The name of the health insurer is listed on your CoE next to "OSHC Provider Name"
      • Insurance policy number – this number should be in the comments section at the bottom of the “Student Details” section on your CoE.
      • The dates of coverage are on your CoE as “Student Health Cover (OSHC) Start date: and End date”
      Refer to What Is OSHC? How To Meet This Essential Visa Requirement for more details about health insurance for international students planning to study in Australia

      temporary resident visa

      Phase 10. Education

      In this section, all you have to do is provide details about your educational background. Provide the answers accordingly

      temporary resident visa

      Phase 11. Employment

      • In this section, you will have to provide your employment details. However, if you are still a student, fill in “Student” in the place for the job and provide the course.
      • But keep in mind that anything you say here you will have to provide the proof. If you are currently working you will need as proof employment certificates or contracts and, if you are a student, school ID etc. will do
      • In the space for future employment, write what you intend to become in the future

      temporary resident visa
      temporary resident visa

        Phase 12. Language

        • Please answer these questions accordingly. Those who are not from the exempted countries named in the application form from providing an English proficiency test must definitely get one. So, if you are not from these exempted countries, you answer the questions accordingly and provide your exam scores, it could be IELTS TOEFL etc…

        temporary resident visa

          Phase 13. Countries visited

          •     This section here is all about the travelling experience. It is an important criterion also. So it’s good to have evidence for it; say like receipts or flight copies as you will upload them later as supporting documents. etc. 
          • If you have visited any countries in the last 10 years, say Yes, and name the countries in the next entry that opens, including dates and reasons for the visit.

          temporary resident visa

            Phase 14. Visa History

            This is another critical section about your visa history. Answer the questions accordingly, and honesty will be necessary

            immiaccount logi

            Phase 15. Health Declaration

            •  This section is to verify if you have any particular sickness or disease that needs attention. so you must answer all the questions accordingly depending on your circumstances and with honesty. 
            • Do not forget that before submitting your application, you must go for a medical exam. Though most answers need to be answered no or yes depending on your circumstances, however,                     if you think the answer is “Yes” to the bottom three questions (about tuberculosis, conditions requiring treatment, or required assistance) I will advise you to please save your application and contact your program manager or school immediately before proceeding.

            immiaccount login

              Phase 16. Character Declaration

              • This question seeks to know more about you and how you have been living in society and with the people around you. 
              • So, answer the questions accordingly. 
              • In most cases, you will have to provide a Police Declaration Certificate in the country where you are currently residing. This will serve as supporting evidence to be uploaded in the supporting document section.

              immiaccount login

              Phase 17. Student Declarations

              • Please read carefully and answer the questions accordinglyimmiaccount loginimmiaccount login

              Phase 18. Carefully cross-check and review all the details you have entered so far

              • You are almost done. Recheck all the information you have entered so far, and make sure you have answered them correctly, honestly and accurately.

              Phase 19. Supporting Evidence

              Here, it is advisable to provide evidence for everything you must have acclaimed while filling out the application. Provide as much as you can!
              • Evidence of Health Insurance: upload your CoE
              • Evidence of Identity: upload a photocopy of your passport. This should include your passport number, photo, issuing country, date of issue and expiration, and signature.
              • Evidence of police clearance
              • Evidence of Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement: please upload the complete Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement (In this document, you state clearly your reasons for studying in Australia, and why Australia, what you intend to gain after studying in Australia, what you want to become when you go back to your home country after your studies. You must state all these reasons in a convincing way that you are only coming to Australia genuinely for your studies and with no further incentives to remain. Gives other reasons that prove that you have no incentive to remain in Australia after your studies, it could family ties, properties you own back home, businesses etc.… and all with supporting documents for sure.
              • If you stated that you are married, then you should be having a marriage certificate as evidence etc. in the employment question if you stated that you are a student, then you should be having a student ID card or something to prove that status, A businessman? then you should have your business licenses or certificates  to provide that as well etc.…

              apply visa online
                online visa application

                  Phase 20. Online Payment

                  • A MasterCard or Visa card is required for this process. You will just follow some simple clear instructions and all is done!
                  Hold on !!!! hold on !!! hold !!! read the final phase below before you submit please!!!!


                  Final Phase

                      This final phase involves two simple options which are about the required Medical exams.
                  •      Option 1:   After phase 21, you will receive a TRN (Transaction Reference Number) and fill out health forms which you will use to go do your medical exams at a specifically designated hospital by the Australian immigration. 
                  • Your medical exams will be sent to them directly by the hospital. All you have to do now is wait for your visa results! You are completely done!
                  •    Option 2:  In another case after completely filling out your application, before payment and final submission, save it, go back and click on “new application”, a new entry will open, this time select “Health “from the entry (see screenshots below).
                  • Answer the medical questions. When this is done, they will provide you with a medical form and a list of the designated hospitals for the exams they require you to do. You will then fill out the form honestly and accurately. Print it out.
                  • You can now pay and submit your application. 
                  Congratulations, you have completed the online visa application process. You will receive a confirmation email from the authorities confirming your successful application. In case of any further updates, they will contact you later. Next, you will be required to undergo a medical examination at a designated hospital. The hospital will send your medical exam results directly to the authorities, so you don't have to worry about it. Once you have completed these steps, you are done! From my personal experience, I recommend option 2.

                  apply for visa online

                  apply for visa online

                  Visa Processing Time

                  On average, it takes around four weeks to process student visas. However, it's important to note that each case is unique, and some applications may take longer. The processing time will depend on various factors such as whether you have submitted all the required supporting documents, whether additional information is needed from you and how promptly you respond to requests for more information, and whether you need to undergo further health checks. 

                  Wishing you all the best with your student visa application and looking forward to welcoming you to Australia soon! 😃apply for visa online

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                  8. What’s the closing balance required to be in your statement of account if you’re sponsoring yourself or a sibling sponsoring you for studies?
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