Fully funded PhD Scholarship positions-Australia National University(ANU)

                                         About the Fully funded PhD Scholarship positions-Australia National University(ANU) A number of PhD scholarships are currently  open at Australia National University  to help attract postgraduate students to the fields of Demography. The scholarship is being offered by  the ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences known as the 'ANU Futures of Demography PhD Scholarship'.  The scholarship is open to any eligible applicant to undertake  PhD research degree in Australia. The scholarship will offer  full tuition cover and other financial supports for the duration of study.  The goal of ANU Futures of Demography PhD Scholarship is to support high achieving  PhD students  (both international and local) who are interested in conducting research in demography at the Australian National University. The Funding for the scholarships has been facilitated by the Australian National University Futures Scheme Grant, via the School of Demography, ANU C

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 Essential scholarship and study tips(Undergraduate, Masters, PhD)

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Searching for information on studying in Australia? or abroad ? Below are some general guides on scholarship requirements, scholarship applications, admissions, student visa application and tips, list of Universities, list of scholarship sources or search engines  to study in Australia etc..

Many students always email or message us asking about scholarship requirements to study in Australia. It should be noted that scholarship requirements differ per study level and even scholarship type. Undergraduate scholarship requirements for example are completely different from Masters or PhD requirements including the whole application process. Same as Masters or PhD by research program scholarships are completely different from course work Masters or PhD programs. 

To make things easy, we have compiled information on some general scholarship requirements for undergraduate, Masters/PhD by coursework and Masters/PhD by research below. You will equally find some tips on how to apply for these scholarships and some available scholarships to apply for in the posts. Other information in this  page include sources to find scholarships to study in Australia, list of Australia Universities with no application fees, student visa application guides and tips as a bonus post etc...

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Standard Scholarship Requirements to Study in Australia(Research Degree Masters/PhD)

We all think that Australia is one of the most expensive countries to study as  an international student. That was my thought also until I moved to Australia. Yes, it is expensive, but the availability of many scholarships put in place by the government, educational institutions and many other external organizations make it cheap for international students to study and live in Australia. 

In this particular post we will advise, guide and provide you with all tips you need to know to secure a fully funded scholarship to study in Australia. You will able to identify what it takes to gain a research scholarship to study in Australia ie the general requirements and application 
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Standard Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements to study abroad (Australia)

Undergraduate scholarships to study abroad are extremely rare, truth be told. How ever, most  undergraduate scholarships for international students to study abroad are generally awarded on a merit based. That is based on an academic performance like GPA rather that research or analytical skills like masters or PhD by research. To win an undergraduate scholarship to study in Australia being partial or fully funded scholarship program,  applicants are expected to meet some competitive   requirements. These requirements are even more competitive for those from non-native English countries or background. 

In this guide, we have provided some general scholarship requirements you should meet or be aware of before applying for undergraduate scholarships in Australia or abroad as the requirements are all almost same in most countries abroad. 
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Standard scholarship requirements for Course Work Degree Programs (Master/PhD)

 There are two types of post graduate scholarships available out there to study abroad. You either have a postgraduate research scholarship or a postgraduate course work degree scholarship. The difference between this two programs is that, one entails an intensive research and long term research work leading to a thesis, publications etc and the other just a professional qualification or course involving the study of a specified set of core courses including elective courses etc.. 
What scholarship type are you after ? Research or coursework ? If it is coursework scholarships then you should know the general requirements for these scholarships before you apply.
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Full Funded Scholarships and the complete application guide to study in Australia(Undergraduate, Postgraduates)

There is a huge gap between how to find a scholarship and where to find a scholarship and how to apply for these scholarships. This particular guide provides essential information on how to search, and apply for scholarships successfully. It also include a step by guide on how to search for a course and apply for an admission in Australia University. Available scholarships are also listed. This guide provides answers regarding scholarships availability for all  study level ie undergraduate, masters and PhD scholarships in Australia. Read till the end to understand the whole process of applying to study in Australia, application guides and tips to be successful etc..
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research proposal guide

Research Proposal Guide for Successful Admission/Scholarship applications

When it comes to research degree scholarship applications ie masters and PhD, this is one of your first major keys to success. Research proposal is an essential requirement that you must provide when applying to Universities to study abroad. The major issue here is not just about submitting a research proposal but about the quality of the research proposal you are submitting. This is a compulsory requirement for all research degree programs. Be aware, as a research student, this is the most captivating and competitive piece of document/ requirement that you must provide if you are to secure a studentship position for yourself or win a scholarship to get free tuition fee and stipends to fully support your studies and yourself while living abroad.
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The is another major key to success for your application especially for research degree students. Immediately you have identified your area of interest during the application of a particular research degree scholarship, to increase your chances of success, you must get in touch with a prospective supervisor to discuss your area of interest and get an approval for a studentship position. It is really rare to loose a scholarship if you have already gotten an approval from a prospective supervisor in that institution. 

It is necessary to contact prospective supervisors to discuss the suitability of your research interests in relation to theirs. In most Australian university, you must submit evidence of approval before your application can go to the next step. Note that this is  the very first step in securing a sponsorship/scholarship abroad. Having problems writing a good email ? Or are your emails not getting replies? You don't know what it takes to or how to write that captivating email that will change your entire life in second? 
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List of scholarship portals/sources Australia 

Thousands of scholarship opportunities available for international students of all nationalities to study in Australia. There are currently about 373 scholarship providers in Australia offering over 3000 scholarships to international students of nationalities to study in Australia 
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List of Australian Universities With No Application Fees                     

Did you know that some if not most Australia universities are registration-free ?ie no application fees to apply for an admission?
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List of Fully Funded Government and Institution sponsored Scholarships in Australia

(Undergraduate/Masters/PhD/short courses) 

Major scholarship providers in Australia and the application periods. The good news about Australia is that ,to make things easy for us the international student, the Country has put  in place thousands of scholarships provided by the Government, Educational Institutions etc.. such as Australia Award scholarships, Destination Australia Scholarships, International Student Research Training Program scholarship(IRTP)etc..
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Easy step by step guide for Australian student visa online application (ImmiAccount)

If you wish to study in Australia being either for a short or longer period of time, you must apply for a Student Visa. You can either apply for your visa online or visit an Embassy. How ever, in most countries, online application seems to be the most convenient and even the fastest way. It took me just an hour or two to acquire my visa after I clicked on the "submit" button.
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