List of University scholarship portals/databases for international students, Australia

Where to find scholarships to study in Australia (Scholarship Portals/Databases) There are more scholarship opportunities in Australia than you think. Did you know that there are currently about 373 scholarship providers in Australia? which offers over 8000+ scholarships to international students who intend to study in Australia? and above all, did you also know most Australian  Universities have no application fees ? Whatever you are interested in, there is a scholarship for you to explore below When compared to other countries like the US or Canada, this is really a must-try-reason to apply to Australian Universities. In this post, we will talk about the various search engines you should know or use when searching for study in Australia for international students from Undergraduate scholarships for international students to Postgraduate coursework and Research degree scholarships in all fields of study A

how to find a scholarship to study abroad( Must read Guide)


What is the difference between finding a scholarship and getting a scholarship?

  • Where do you find scholarships to study abroad?
  • How do you get or find a scholarship to study abroad?

Finding a scholarship to study abroad and getting a scholarship to study abroad are two different things

There are so many ways to get sponsorship or scholarships to pursue your dreams

But how or where do you find this scholarship is the first question and how do you get this scholarship is the second question.

1. How or where do you find this scholarship is the first question

I will give an example of Australia. I take Australia as an example because it is one of the top global destinations for higher education due to its advanced learning institutions, high-quality staff and facilities. Australia offers one of the most talked-about centres in the world for excellent high-class education, research and leadership. To even make it better, the government and other private institutions have put in place thousands of scholarships to make studies and life comfortable for international students. Studying in Australia exposes you to the world's best trained qualified professionals in your area of expertise in advanced facilities. You are equally exposed to multiple opportunities for your career development and networking.

There are more scholarship opportunities in Australia than you think. Did you know that there are currently about 373 scholarship providers in Australia? which offer over 3000 scholarships to international students whose want to study in Australia? and above all, did you also know most Australian Universities have no application fees ? When compared to other countries like the US or Canada, this is really a must-try-reason to apply to Australian Universities. Let's get back to our question of interest

So how or where do you find these scholarships?

The first source of funding/sponsorships/scholarship to study abroad should be search engines, University databases, official government scholarship databases both for your home government and your countries of interest or scholarship sites or whatever you can call them. The question now lies with how you find them. The main search engines for scholarships include: government, private or university scholarship portals. These search engines provide information about the various types of scholarships available and partition them into the various categories including the time frame. Most countries offer scholarship opportunities for their citizens to study abroad. Before looking into foreign databases for sponsorship, start first with your country or do both at the same time.

Australia for example has about 43 Universities and each of these universities has a scholarship portal where both internal and external scholarships from the university, university faculties, government, private institutions and individuals are being advertised. 

  • For various scholarships portals both governmental and institutional to study in Australia refer to our previous post on List of scholarship Portals to study in Australia .This will enable you to view scholarship sources and opportunities both from universities ,government and other individual organizations
  • You can equally refer to  Fully Funded Scholarships In Australia for various types of scholarships existing in Australia for international students. Here you will information about the current ones available and the usual opening dates and application period
  • and for Universities to apply WITH NO COST on application fees check this guide on List of Australian Universities With No Application Fees
study and work in Australia

2. How to do you get this scholarship is the is the second question

Scholarships as you might have known already are very competitive. To get a scholarship to study in Australia you must be an outstanding students with strong academic achievements, research background and any other essential working experience in your related field of study. Scholarships are awarded to candidates of exceptional research potential undertaking a Higher Degree by Research (Doctorate or Masters by Research) in Australian Universities. These scholarships are provided to assist not just with the general living costs of the candidate but also as a tuition wave.

Therefore to be one of winner among thousands applying around the world you must meet some requirements. You must possess something ie some skills, potential that makes you one of the suitable candidate for that position. Refer here for general Australia scholarship requirements . These requirements are what it takes to get scholarships. Read more here to find 6 tips to be successful with your scholarship application
To summarize, in order for you to get these scholarships,
  • You must meet some requirements :You must have an outstanding academic achievement ie good overall GPA, some publications, etc..
  • Have strong research skills and passion for your field of interest
  • Strong English background especially for internationals from non-English speaking countries
With the above requirements in place, you can go ahead and contact a potential supervisor asking for a studentship position (Learn how to contact potential supervisor). You can equally contact the institution directly, they will provide you with all what it takes to apply and be successfully for the scholarship
Once you secured a supervisor, you are all set go!! The supervisor will endorsed your scholarship application. In this situation ,your chances of succeeding is high

Some Tips for successful scholarship application

When Applying for a scholarship ,you must keep in mind that ,this is not just about meeting the eligibility requirement .There are many other things you must consider. Summarized below are  some of the tips you need to know on how to successfully apply for a scholarships

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  1. Am interested how do I apply am from Zambia

    1. Hi,scholarship applications differ per course level.I am not sure what level you are applying for.How ever when applying for any post graduate scholarship to study in Australia,the first thing to do will be to check on the scholarship requirements and see that you meet them,then next you contact the institution to find out about a potential supervisor,once you have secured a supervisor,he will approve your application and it makes it more easy to proceed from there ... Find out more below about studying in Australia and the application process in Australia below

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