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General scholarship requirements for Postgraduate Course Work Degree Programs and some available scholarships

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Postgraduate Course Work Degree Programs scholarships requirements guide

Like I mentioned  before in some of my previous posts, there is a huge difference between  Postgraduate course work degree scholarship program and a research degree scholarship program (Masters/PhD) also known as HDR in Australia. 

So what is the difference between the two type of degree programs ?

Masters and PhD by research degree program scholarships are much more easier to find and difficult to get because of the strict, numerous and competitive requirements while Postgraduate Course work Degree programs scholarships on the other are much more easy to get but difficult to find. Easy to get because of lesser requirements to meet BUT still very competitive. Course work degree scholarships are difficult to find as most scholarships to study abroad are research focus.

 A Postgraduate Coursework can be a  professional qualification or course involving the study of a specified set of core courses including elective courses etc. In other words, undertaking a coursework degree program implies  attending classes,  completing assignments  and probably going in for exams. In some cases a Masters by Coursework will also require the completion of a minor thesis as part of the course.

Example of course work degree programs include for masters or PhD include :Business, Project Management, Administration, Accounting, Data science etc..

A Masters or PhD by research  on the other hand generally entails a long term intensive research work leading to the submission of a completed thesis based on an independent research project. Students at this level are expected to work independently with the support of a supervisor. Students might also require to undertake some few courses or works or trainings to expand on their research skills and capabilities. Research publications are also required in most cases.

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What are the general requirements for  Postgraduate Course Work Degree scholarship programs to study in Australia ?

General requirements for Postgraduate Course work  Degree scholarships are quite different from those of  research degree  Masters and PhD scholarships. Course work degree are mostly awarded on a merit based and a consideration of few other factors. The followings are some of the general scholarship requirements you must meet to be eligible for a coursework degree scholarship program to study in Australia. 

  1. First in the list is your current   academic performance. ie good performance from your previous studies. If your are going in for masters programs, your undergraduate achievements should be outstanding, a first class degree will give you an upper hand.  
  2. A good understanding and general knowledge of your area of study. You must be good at what you are going in for. Usually a continuation of same program from your previous degree gives you also an added advantage. Some working experience in related field of interest gives an added advantage also
  3. Extra-curricular activities . This could come from cultural activities, volunteer or any work experience
  4. Excellent leadership and communication skills
  5. An outstanding recommendation letters. Get good recommendations from your referees. Contact them ahead of time before you start applying to universities abroad.
  6. English language proficiency. This is a compulsory for all international applicants from non-English speaking countries or those whose English is not a native language. Popular English Language requirements test require for Australia include :  
  • International English Language Testing System known popularly as IELTS and Test of English as a Foreign Language  known as TOEFL. 
  • Others include  Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE),Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, Occupational English Test (OET). 

Note: This should  serve  as a guide for you. These are just general requirements you should be aware of before you start searching for scholarships to study abroad. Some institutions might require more documents from you. In some cases requirements might be country base. For instance citizens from Native English speaking countries don't have to submit any proof for English proficiency.

Check this useful guide on how to apply for Coursework degree programs to study in Australia. Next look into some of the available scholarships below and start applying for scholarships to study in Australia.

What are some available funded funded course degree programs 2021 2022

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Other scholarships application tips

If having problems with how to search for scholarships to study abroad ,refer to our step-step guide on how to find scholarships to study in Australia to learn about  where and how to find scholarships for your studies, available Australian scholarship search engines etc.

 Looking for undergraduate scholarship requirements? Check guide on  general undergraduate scholarship requirements to study in Australia

If interested in research degree programs rather, check this guide for general requirements for Masters or PhD by research to study in Australia. Same requirements apply for most other countries abroad being Canada ,Germany, New Zealand, USA etc..

Are you ready to study abroad ? browse through list of Australia Universities, find a course to study and learn how to  apply for the relevant scholarship

Other scholarships to study in Australia

For more fully funded scholarships information to study in Australia please refer to the links below depending on your study level of interested :

You can now go ahead and apply for scholarships to study abroad, Australia, UK, Canada etc.. The study guides are all same. These are general scholarship requirements for course work degree programs for most Universities abroad.

Good luck with your applications!

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment below, tell us about your experience in applying for scholarship abroad, your difficulties and how we can assist you. Please Subscribe here for all future updates and opportunities and follow below, stay connected with us across social media.


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