PhD Scholarship Opportunities In Transforming Initial Teacher Education for Social Impact

                       PhD Scholarship Opportunities In Transforming Initial Teacher    Education for Social Impact Are you passionate about promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in teacher education? Do you want to make a meaningful contribution to the field through research? We have two exciting PhD projects that align with your goals! About the Positions We are offering two related PhD projects on the topic of cultural diversity of preservice teachers, a critical area in the current educational landscape. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with renowned supervisors and contribute to the development of knowledge in this field. Project 1:Investigate the professional transition of preservice teachers from diverse backgrounds into their first year of teaching. This project aims to understand the challenges and opportunities that preservice teachers face as they enter the profession. Project 2: Explore how preservice teachers and young people from diverse ba

Swinburne University Postgraduate Research Award(SUPRA) 2024/25

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Swinburne University Postgraduate Research Award (SUPRA)

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary academic journey? The Swinburne University Postgraduate Research Award (SUPRA) is here to support outstanding researchers like you! Whether you're a future student or currently enrolled, these prestigious scholarships are your ticket to groundbreaking research and academic excellence.

  • Funding type: Full tuition fee for up to four years
  • Stipends: $33,500 (indexed) (2024 rate) for three years (with possible 6-month extension).
  • Other allowances:  Paid leave of absence, thesis allowance, relocation allowance.
  • Degree Program: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professional Doctorate
  • Field of study:  All study areas(Project-specific)
  • Number of awards: Vary
  • Location:  Swinburne University
  • Citizen type: International students& domestic students/ All countries eligible
  • Opens:  applications open 26 August 2024 
  • Application Deadline: Not mentioned
In 2024, Swinburne Research Scholarships are open for application during two scholarship rounds: Round 1 closed on Friday 17 May 2024, 5pm AEST
  • Round 2 opens Monday 26 August 2024, 9am AEST
  • Round 2 closes Friday 25 October 2024, 5pm AEDT* still to be determined
(Also apply for this University of  South Australia Graduate Research Scholarships- Fully funded MSc/PhD scholarships, multiple fields of study)

What Does SUPRA Offer?

Generous Annual Stipend: Receive $33,500 per year (indexed to inflation) for three years, with the possibility of a six-month extension. This financial support ensures you can focus on your research without financial stress.
Tuition Fee Scholarship: Enjoy full coverage of your tuition fees for up to four years, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to your studies.
Additional Perks: Benefit from paid leave of absence, a thesis allowance to aid in your research materials, and a relocation allowance if you're moving to Swinburne for your studies.

Why Choose Swinburne?

Swinburne University is renowned for its cutting-edge research environment and commitment to innovation. With access to world-class facilities and mentorship from leading academics, SUPRA scholars are set up for success. Our vibrant research community offers numerous networking opportunities, helping you connect with like-minded peers and industry professionals.

Who Can Apply?

SUPRA scholarships are open to both local and international students. If you're aiming to enroll in or are already pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Professional Doctorate, this is your chance to join a dynamic research cohort at Swinburne.

Eligibility/selection criteria

To be eligible for the Swinburne University SUPRA programs, interested applicants must meet:
  • entry requirements for a PhD or Professional Doctorate as set out for their proposed program at Swinburne.  
  • hold a Bachelor Degree with First Class Honours (or equivalent)
  • propose a research project that aligns with a Swinburne Research Strategy and Ecosystem area
  • Students will not receive income from another source to cover their general living expenses if that income exceeds 75% of the student's scholarship stipend rate. Income that is not related to the student's course of study or income received for the course of study but not intended for general living expenses should not be considered.
Applicants should ensure that they meet one of the following criteria:

  1. are a new PhD or Professional Doctorate student
  2. are currently enrolled in a Swinburne PhD or Professional Doctorate for less than two years at the closing date of the application round
  3. have received an offer for candidature for a Swinburne PhD or Professional Doctorate and have not yet enrolled

How to Apply:

To study at Swinburne University, prospective applicants must submit an application for a Higher Degree Research program while applying for a scholarship.

Students applying for a research scholarship are automatically considered for the SUPRA scholarships. Applications for research degrees are accepted year-round for most research programs. Learn how to find a supervisor and how to apply for a research degree in five steps at Swinburne University's How to apply page

Key Resources:

Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your research career with Swinburne University. 

Further information

For other inquiries about these scholarships, applicants can contact Swinburne University graduate school. See details below

Prospective students, Email:

Call us: 1300 794 628 option 2 or +61 3 9214 8444 option 2

Currently enrolled students Email Graduate Research Office:

Visit the University Website Website for details and to apply

(Also apply for the University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA), University of New South Wales, Australia, Multiple fully funded Masters and PhD scholarships)

Pro-tips for research scholarship applications

The following links provide valuable resources for prospective students who aspire to pursue research Masters and PhD degrees in Australia. These resources offer essential guidelines and tips for successfully applying to research degree programs overseas, which any international student planning to study abroad must be well-versed with. It is imperative for students to understand the nuances of the application process to ensure a seamless transition into a foreign academic environment.

This includes information about :

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