Fully funded PhD scholarships at Bond University(via the Australian Government Research Training Program 2023)

                                   About the position:  Bond University Higher Degree Scholarship: Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships 2023 Applications for Bond University RTP scholarships Round 1 for 2023 are open until March 31st. The Bond University RTP scholarships are provided by the commonwealth government of Australia to support eligible applicants undertaking PhD by research in their chosen field of study at Bond University. The  Bond University RTP scholarships provide tuition fees and living support for successful applicants. The  RTP scholarships are awarded through a competitive merit-based process. The RTP scholarships at Bond University are offered to students who possess excellent academic merit and research potential.  Also apply for this  University of Queensland Scholarships . Multiple fully funded MSc/Ph.D. scholarship positions for International Students Bond University RTPS scholarships overview:

Compilation of top fully funded MSc scholarships in Australia 2022- And application procedures

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About the opportunities:

Compilation of top full funded  MSc scholarships  in Australia 2022

Still looking for opportunities to study in Australia for the 2023 academic year? Are you a prospective research degree application, with outstanding academic achievements? If yes, below is a compilation of some top fully funded Masters by research scholarships open to all eligible international students to study in Australia and some application tips.

What should you do as an international student intending to study in Australia in any of the upcoming intake sessions? As an international student hoping to study in Australia in the near-by future, this is the time to get prepared, look into these scholarships, prepare for the requirements, apply and secure a place. 

Research Degree scholarship students can commence their study at any time of the year in most Australian Universities. That means, if you secure any scholarship Offer right away, you can defer it and start at the next intake period This is the case with research degree students alone (masters or PhD) This post will cover information just on Research Degree Programs and scholarship application (not coursework programs, NON-STEM)

Below are some top full funded masters scholarships any international student intending to undertake a research degree program in Australia should look at: 

Before looking at these scholarships, first let us check the General scholarship requirements for research degree programs in Australia, some application tips and how to apply successfully for these scholarships. So that you won't have to just go through this post without taking the next step. It is time to quit just reading and saving scholarship links and start applying! 

1. What are the general requirements for Research Degree scholarships in Australia? And How to Apply Successfully

⌦General scholarship requirements for Masters research scholarships

The truth is this whole issue is complex and sometimes the requirements differ per person, per course, and per country of origin. However, there are some general scholarship requirements that any international student intending to study abroad must meet, being in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Germany etc...

Research  Masters degree scholarship requirements are similar to those of PhD by research except for the fact that with a PhD, you need publication experience and at least 1 or 2 published papers in a standard international journal. Generally at least 2 papers for an added advantage for a PhD. With research Masters, a bachelor's degree with at least second class honour-upper(first-class honours is often required), significant research components(Theis, any written work) would be an added advantage.

 Below are some of the general requirements you must meet to get a research masters scholarship to study in Australia and most countries abroad :

  1. Some minimum Working Experience/Professional Experience
  2. Have an Outstanding Academic Background/Qualifications from previous studies
  3. Have Some strong Research Skills (Thesis, project management, methodological and analytical skills )
  4.  Should prepare a Relevant Research Proposal.
  5. Must have an English Language Proficiency Certificate( Those from a country where English is not a native language)
  6. Good recommendations letters from work or supervisors
  7.  Your Passion, Determination and Commitment

Please see  full details on General Scholarship Requirements for Research Degree Programs-Masters/PhD

university scholarships for international students

⌦How to apply for research degree scholarships to study in Australia or abroad

Let's summarise this whole long process on  how to apply for scholarships to study in Australia in particular into 5 major steps:

  • Step 1- Check scholarship requirements. As a general tip, to be successful with research degree scholarships, the very first step is to check the scholarship requirements and see that you meet them before lodging any application. 
  • Step 2- Complete an EOL. If you meet these requirements, you can then submit an Expression of Interest(EOI) and get in touch with a prospective supervisor.  Most Australia Universities, not all will ask to submit an EOI for a research degree program. 
An Expression of Interest (EOI) is a preliminary application form that enables the University to determine the student's eligibility. If your  (EOI) is successful, you will need to find a supervisor in your area of research interest prior to beginning your application.
  • Step 3- Contact potential supervisors. You must get in touch with a prospective supervisor to discuss your interest and get his approval. This is another whole process. You might be wondering what you will be discussing with him? 
Universities will generally request proof of approval from a supervisor before your application can go to the next step. This can be done by either taking a screenshot of the approval email or in other cases, you are requested to state the supervisor's name in the relevant place on your application form. Getting approval is your first key to success! 

Learn more on how to contact potential supervisors when seeking for masters research studentship position.

  • Step 4- Complete your application. If your EOI interest was successful and you have gotten approval from a supervisor who is ready to work with you, you will be invited to complete your application. In this process you will need to prepare and submit :

⌦ Research Proposal. See here how to write a captivating research proposal, with samples, tips and examples from Australian Universities. This is another major key document to your success.  I recommend you take your time on this
⌦ Statement of purpose(SOP)
⌦ Referee reports. In most cases, Universities will recommend you nominate two or three referees. Hope you have been staying in good tense with your previous supervisors in academic or work
⌦ And any other requested document
⌦ Indicate interest in a scholarship: In most cases, on the application form, there is an option to indicate interest in available scholarships for research degree programs. You must tick the box to indicate the scholarship you are interested in. 
  • Step 5-Wait for the outcome. After completing the above steps, your application and wait for the outcome. You will be advised on the outcome of your application usually via email. 
What is next? If you have been given an Offer(admission), you will be automatically considered for the scholarship you applied for as the requirements are the same for both and there is no separate application for a research degree scholarship and admission.

Please see full details on how to apply for admissions and scholarships for research masters/PhD applicants

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Now that you know what it takes to get a scholarship and how to get it, let's look at some available Masters research scholarships you can apply for to study in Australia.  Hope you find the guide above useful.

2. Top fully-funded  MSc scholarships  in Australia 2022

1. HRD Scholarships Deakin University-Masters research positions 

There are two types of Higher Degree by Research(HRD) scholarships available at Deakin University for international students: the Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP)  and Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR). Open all year round

 2. University President's Scholarships (UPS), 2022

Applications are open for multiple fully-funded MSc scholarships. The University of South Australia is another famous destination among International students. The UPS research scholarships equally provide full tuition, living cost, health cover and other financial support to all international students intending to study in Australia for the academic year 2023. The scholarships are project-specific.

3. Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) International Stipend Scholarships 2022 at the University of New England

This is an Australian government-sponsored research scholarship program via host universities to support eligible international students intending to undertake any research degree course in this University. It also provides full tuition fees. It is open to multiple areas of study, and with perfect financial support. The current Deadline is September

4. Fully Funded Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS) at Melbourne University. 

There are currently about 600 offers for this scholarship. The gigantic number of offers means an opportunity for many. It is a fully-funded research scholarship with amazing financial benefits. This is worth checking as it is open to any course of your choice and all countries are eligible. The current Deadline is October 10, 2022

5. Australian Government Research Training Program scholarships(RTPS) at Griffith University

Great opportunity to study at Griffith University. This Australian government research program at Griffith University equally provides full support to any international student intending to study in this Australia.

 6. Research Training Program Scholarship(RTPS)  2022  at Melbourne University 

There is equally a good opportunity not to come across and let go, there are approximately 350 positions for this scholarship. It is really worth checking. It is equally a full funded scholarship and open to all nationalities, open to any research course of your choice. The current Deadline is October 10, 2022

7. Australia Awards scholarships 2022. Now Closed 

Australia Awards scholarships are at the top of many Australian scholarships for international students. Though very competitive, the financial supports and other benefits are amazing. Full health cover, full tuition, travel cost round tickets, stipends etc... It is open to all eligible countries. Make sure to see if your country is eligible. It targets some  African, Middle East and Asian countries.

8. UNE International Postgraduate Research Award (IPRA)- 2022

Multiple fully funded MSc positions are open for all eligible international students to undertake a research masters degree program. The scholarships are open for any field of study, and applications are accepted in rounds all year through. Applications are accepted in two rounds, the current deadline is September

09. University of Tasmania Graduate Research Scholarships (TGRS)2022

-Fully funded MSc/PhD scholarships, multiple fields of study

Tasmania is a beautiful Australian Island and unique features, it's a place to be and a place to study. The scholarship opportunity support full tuition fees and many other expenses. 

10. Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)Scholarships at University of New South Wales(UNSW) 2022

Several fully funded research Masters scholarship positions are equally available at the University of New South Wales through the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)Scholarships. Applications are open all year (3 rounds)

11. University of Sydney International Scholarship 2022

Multiple international postgraduate research scholarship positions are available at the University of Sydney via the  International Scholarship Program 2022. The scholarships are open for eligible international students to undertake any Research Degree Program within any field of study across the University. Applications are open all year round.

12. International Postgraduate Tuition Awards (IPTA) 2022, University of Wollongong 

Several postgraduate research scholarships are available at the University of Wollongong via the International Postgraduate Tuition Awards (IPTA) program. Please check. The scholarships are open in several fields of study across the University. Equally, check the University of Wollongong HRD scholarships

13. Co-funded Monash Graduate Scholarships (CF-MGS)

This is an amazing masters scholarship opportunity worth looking at to study at Monash University Australia. Applications are open in rounds, the current deadline is 31 August 2022(now closed)

14. Australia National University (ANU) Master of Philosophy Scholarship

These scholarships are funded by the individual academic Colleges to attract high-quality international students to study at Australia National University. Applications are open all year round.The main fields of study or interest areas for this scholarship include:

  • Arts & Social Sciences, 
  • Asia & the Pacific,
  • Business & Economics, 
  • Engineering & Computer Science, 
  • Health & Medicine, 
  • Law, 
  • Science

Browse more  Masters Research Scholarships here to study in Australia

Searching for more government-sponsored scholarships? Check List of Fully Funded Government and Institution sponsored Scholarships in Australia

For coursework degree Masters students, you can learn more here about  the general requirements to study in Australia or any other country abroad

Equally look at these great tips on how to be successful with your scholarship application to study in Australia. Avoid the mistakes many students do when applying for scholarships abroad.

                                masters scholarships for international students

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