PhD Scholarship Opportunities In Transforming Initial Teacher Education for Social Impact

                       PhD Scholarship Opportunities In Transforming Initial Teacher    Education for Social Impact Are you passionate about promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in teacher education? Do you want to make a meaningful contribution to the field through research? We have two exciting PhD projects that align with your goals! About the Positions We are offering two related PhD projects on the topic of cultural diversity of preservice teachers, a critical area in the current educational landscape. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with renowned supervisors and contribute to the development of knowledge in this field. Project 1:Investigate the professional transition of preservice teachers from diverse backgrounds into their first year of teaching. This project aims to understand the challenges and opportunities that preservice teachers face as they enter the profession. Project 2: Explore how preservice teachers and young people from diverse ba

Over 170+ MSc and PhD scholarship positions at Tasmania University

Unleash Your Research Potential with  170+ MSc and PhD scholarship opportunities at Tasmania University

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is inviting ambitious researchers to embark on their academic journeys with a host of generous scholarship opportunities. UTAS is located amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Tasmania, Australia. The university offers over 170 research-based scholarships, aimed at providing a vibrant research environment for both international and domestic students.

Scholarships offered by UTAS are not only financial aid, but an investment in your future. These scholarships provide a wealth of benefits such as reduced or waived tuition fees, living expenses support, access to cutting-edge research facilities, and mentorship from renowned faculty members. Additionally, networking opportunities are available to expand your professional network and connect with like-minded researchers worldwide.

UTAS offers a diverse range of research-based scholarships across multiple fields of study. Fully funded Masters and PhD scholarship positions are available across various disciplines listed below:

Fields of study

Fields of study


Health Science



Architecture and design

Information and communication technology

Biological sciences




Creative arts and media

Marine and Antarctic

Dementia research


Earth sciences


Economics and Finance



Medical research



Geography, planning and spatial sciences


Psychological sciences

Pharmacy and pharmacology

Social sciences


Eligibility for International Students

International students are warmly welcome to apply for UTAS research-based scholarships. To be eligible, you must:

  • Have a strong academic record: Demonstrate your academic excellence through your previous studies and research experience.
  • Possess a strong research proposal: Present a well-structured research proposal that aligns with UTAS's research priorities and your chosen field of study.
  • Meet English language proficiency requirements: Ensure your English language skills are at a level that supports effective communication and academic success.
You can read more here about the Research Degree Eligibility Criteria at the UTAS

study in Australia

Steps to apply for any of these projects to study  a  Research Degree Program at UTAS

To apply for UTAS research-based scholarships, follow these steps:

  1. Check Eligibility Criteria. Check that you meet the course entry requirements and English language proficiency.
  2. Explore available Projects: Browse through the comprehensive list of available projects at UTAS to find the ones that match your research interests and eligibility criteria. 
  3. Review Project/scholarship guidelines: Carefully review the eligibility criteria, application procedures, and selection criteria for each project you are interested in.
  4. Prepare your application materials: Compile your application materials, including your academic transcripts, research proposal, CV, and any other required documents. You will need to contact the nominated supervisor to discuss your interest. Each project has details of the relevant supervisors listed in the advert. Find help here on how to successfully contact potential supervisors and some cold email samples.
  5. Submit your application: Submit your complete application by the specified deadline via UTAS's online application portal. Note that you need approval from a potential supervisor before you can submit your application. Find more details here on how to apply

Choosing UTAS for your research journey is more than just academic excellence; it's a gateway to a transformative experience. Tasmania's pristine natural environment, vibrant cultural scene, and welcoming community provide an ideal backdrop for personal and academic growth.

Embarking on a research journey at UTAS means joining a thriving research community that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. With generous scholarships, you will have the resources and guidance to explore your research interests, make groundbreaking discoveries, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. You can unleash your research potential, embrace the scholarship advantage, and embark on an extraordinary research journey at the University of Tasmania.

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Pro-tips for research scholarship applications

The following are some helpful links to browse through. They include tips and guides on how to successfully apply for research Masters and PhD scholarships and admissions to study in Australia. 
These are just some essential elements that any international student thinking to study abroad must be aware of especially when applying for research degree programs abroad,

This includes information about:

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