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Pro-tips on how to study in Australia for Free  Imagine being able to study in Australia without worrying about the financial burden. It may seem impossible, but with the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck, you can achieve this dream and study in Australia for free. Don't let the fear of expenses hold you back from pursuing your education. With determination and hard work, you can make your dreams a reality.  So yes, It is possible to study in Australia without spending a single penny, provided you have the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck. Let me explain it to you in detail. In Australia, most universities don't charge international students any application fees, particularly postgraduate research students. You can find a list of 16 universities in Australia that don't require application fees. This is a great opportunity for international students with good academic records to apply to multiple universities, increasing their ch

Apply for Deakin University 2024/25 HRD Scholarships( Fully funded MSc/PhD positions)

Study in Australia

About the positions

HRD Scholarships Deakin University-Masters research and PhD fully funded positions

Multiple fully funded Master research and PhD scholarship positions are available at Deakin University for eligible international students to undertake a postgraduate research degree. There are two types of Higher Degree by Research(HRD) scholarships available at Deakin University for international students: the Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP)  and the Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR).

The RTP scholarship is an Australian government research-supporting scholarship program with generous financial support such as tuition fee offsets and stipends. And are being administered by the host University. The DUPR scholarship on the other hand is a funded scholarship program by Deakin University to support outstanding international students undertaking research degree programs.

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Scholarship Overview

  • Scholarship stipend: Up to $34,400  per annum for 2023 tax-exempt
  • Relocation allowance: from $500 to $1,500 (for single to family) awarded to students who are moving from interstate or overseas in order to study at Deakin
  • Health Cover: Single Overseas Student Health Cover policy for the duration of the student visa.
  • Degree program: Masters/ PhD research
  • Field of study: Open to all study areas
  • Scholarship Duration: PhD up to 3 years for stipend and 4 years for the tuition fees offset. MSc up to 2 years for stipend and 2 years for the tuition fees offset
  • Deadline: Open all year round/College-specific
Note: Applications for research degree programs at Deakin University are accepted all year round. The process and application dates for candidature and scholarships differ for each faculty or institute. Most faculties will need the applicant to complete an expression of interest (EOI) form before submitting a full application via the online Higher Degree by Research Application Portal.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Deakin University Higher Degree Scholarship, interested applicants must meet the following criteria:
  1. To be eligible for an RTP Stipend, RTP Fees Offset, RTP Allowance or DUPRS a student must be a domestic or international student enrolled in an HDR course of study at Deakin University
  2. To be eligible for an RTP Fees Offset an applicant must not be receiving an equivalent award or scholarship from the Commonwealth designed to offset HDR fees
  3. To be eligible for an RTP or DUPRS Stipend a student must not be receiving income from another source to support that student’s general living costs while undertaking their course of study if that income is greater than 75 per cent of that student’s RTP or DUPRS Stipend rate. Income unrelated to the student’s course of study or income received for the student’s course of study but not for the purposes of supporting general living costs is not to be taken into account.
Please refer to the research degree entry pathways page for information on admission requirements to an HDR course at Deakin University.

Selection Criteria

Deakin University RTP and DUPRS scholarships are awarded on a merit-based via a competitive process. the interested applicant must have:
  • completed at least four years of tertiary education studies
  • have achieved 80% or equivalent in the research component of their previous study or an equivalent level of academic attainment, taking into account previous study, relevant work experience, research publications and other research experience
  • meet all other minimum entry requirements according to the Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Admission, Selection and Enrolment Procedure. Please refer to the research degree entry pathways page for more information.

How to apply

 The application process at Deakin differs depending on which Faculty or Institute you wish to study. Most faculties will need the applicant to complete an expression of interest (EOI) form before submitting a full application via the online Higher Degree by Research Application Portal.

1. Applicants applying in the following areas/faculties listed below must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) prior to submitting a formal application.

  • Faculty of Arts and Education
  • Faculty of Business and Law
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment
The Faculty or Institute will then advise if you should submit a formal application via the Applicant Portal.
2. Applicants applying in the following areas/faculties listed below are required to nominate a potential supervisor and must have approval from their potential supervisor before making a formal application via the Applicant Portal.
  • Faculty of Health
  • Institute for Frontier Materials

Visit Deakin University's How to apply – research degrees page for further details on the application process.
Visit the Deakin University Key Dates for research students page to check key dates for application in relevant faculty.

Further details

For more information on this scholarship please contact the Deakin University Graduate Research Team

Visit the University Website for further details and to apply

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Pro-tips for research scholarship applications

The followings are some helpful links to browse through. They include tips and guides on successfully applying for research Masters and PhD scholarships and admissions to study in Australia. 
These are just some essential elements that any international student thinking to study abroad must be aware of especially when applying for research degree programs abroad. 

This includes information about :

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