Australia Awards Scholarships 2024 and the application procedure

Australia Awards Scholarships(AAS)for study commencing in 2025 About Australia Awards Scholarships Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) are a set of long-term programs sponsored by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The primary objective of these scholarships is to support the development needs of Australia's partner countries, in line with bilateral and regional agreements. This award program provides full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study opportunities for future global leaders from developing countries, particularly those located in the Indo-Pacific region, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions. The study and research opportunities provided by Australia Awards Scholarships aim to develop individuals' skills and knowledge to drive change and contribute to their countries' development. In a nutshell, the Aus

Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) International Fee Offset Scholarships, Griffith University

Australian Government Research Training Program scholarship(RTPs)

About the position:

Griffith University Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) International Fee Offset Scholarship 

Multiple MSc and PhD scholarship positions are available across any research field of interest at Griffith University through the Griffith University Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP). The RTP International Fee Offset Scholarships are prestigious Australian government awards to support eligible international students to undertake a research degree in a host Australian University. The RTP International Fee Offset Scholarships programs are offered during Griffith's Continuous Scholarship Round

These competitive scholarships are open to attract international students with strong research interest potential. The RTP International Fee Offset Scholarships cover the recipient's full tuition for up 3 years for a PhD and 2 for MSc. Other benefits include stipend support,  Overseas Student Health Cover for the applicant and any dependant(s) for the duration of the scholarship.

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Scholarship Overview:

  • Scholarship type: Full tuition fee cover
  • Health supports:  Overseas Student Health Cover for the applicant and any dependant
  • Degree Program: MSc/PhD
  • Available in:   Any field of choice
  • Number of Awards: Multiple
  • Location: Griffith University 
  • Citizen type: International students, domestic students, New Zealand Citizens
  • Award Duration: up to 3 years for PhD and 2 for MSc
  • Application Deadlines:  Continuous Scholarship Round
Scholarship applications are accepted all year round. Applicants must however apply four months earlier before the start of the University Intake date to be considered for that scholarship round. or commence the next intake date. See various intake dates/ deadlines below
  • Intake 1: 26 February 2024
  • Intake 2: 22April 2024
  • Intake 3:  08 July 2024
  • Intake 4: 14 October 2024

Eligibility criteria for the (RTP) International Fee Offset Scholarship 

To be considered eligible for the (RTP) International Fee Offset Scholarship at Griffith University, the applicants must meet the following criteria:
  1. Must be an international student
  2. be commencing or enrolled in an HDR(Higher Degree by Research) program (for which RTP support is available) at Griffith University
  3. An Australian Government RTP International Fee Offset Scholarship will not be awarded to a candidate who is in receipt of an equivalent award or scholarship from the Commonwealth Government designed to offset HDR program tuition fees

Selection criteria

 The successful recipients of the (RTP) International Fee Offset Scholarship are ranked and selected based on the consideration of the following criteria:
  • academic merit, 
  • research potential and
  • the quality of the research training environment in which the research project will be undertaken, taking into account the University’s strategic priorities.
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How to apply for RTP International Fee Offset Scholarships

Griffith University has a unique process to follow to submit an application for a research degree program(MSc/PhD). 
Applicants enrolling for the first time at Griffith University must follow the process for submitting an online application for a research program, which also includes a section for scholarship application.

As a simple tip, the process to apply for this scholarship does go:
  1. Identify the degree program of interest to study at Griffith University
  2. Make sure you meet the entry requirement for the degree program
  3. Select this scholarship in the scholarship section
  4. Develop a research topic/ research proposal
  5. Contact potential supervisor to discuss interest, secure his supervision and 
  6. Submit your application 
Visit Griffith University's Academic Staff page at  to search for a potential supervisor. If you can't find a potential supervisor, the University Graduate Research School team encourages students to get in touch for assistance.

Browse Griffith University Degree programs at, to search for a degree program and their minimum entry requirements for admissions

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Who to contact

For any inquiry on these scholarships, including on how to apply, the process, or struggles with searching for potential supervisors contact Griffith University Graduate Research School  for assistance via:
  • University Graduate Research School
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 1800 073 875 (domestic toll-free) or +61 7 3735 6425 (international)
For further details on the RTP International Fee Offset Scholarship visit the University Website

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Pro-tips for research scholarship applications

The followings are some helpful links to browse through. They include tips and guides on how to successfully apply for research PhD scholarships and admissions to study in Australia. 
These are just some essential elements that any international student thinking of studying abroad must be aware of especially when applying for research degree programs abroad. 
This includes information about :

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