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Pro-tips on how to study in Australia for Free  Imagine being able to study in Australia without worrying about the financial burden. It may seem impossible, but with the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck, you can achieve this dream and study in Australia for free. Don't let the fear of expenses hold you back from pursuing your education. With determination and hard work, you can make your dreams a reality.  So yes, It is possible to study in Australia without spending a single penny, provided you have the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck. Let me explain it to you in detail. In Australia, most universities don't charge international students any application fees, particularly postgraduate research students. You can find a list of 16 universities in Australia that don't require application fees. This is a great opportunity for international students with good academic records to apply to multiple universities, increasing their ch

Top paying Student Jobs online in 2022

study and work

As a university student, there is no time to get full time jobs to gain that huge money to support all your expenses, only part time jobs are being offered. How ever, with the rise in internet services these days comes along a growth in online jobs also. Most of these jobs offer flexible hours with much comforts, something good for any student in search for some extra income. Academic writer, freelance writing  jobs etc.. are just few of these examples
In this post we are focusing on a top paying writing service  that as an international student  who wish to make a decent earning like a full time job must know. Check our other post for a full list of top online jobs for international students. And if you are not into online jobs for side hustle, refer to to the post on the 9 simple work and study in Australia jobs for international students.

Work and study JOBS : Below are some of the ways you can earn money at the comfort of your home through writing services not just as a student in Australia but in any part of the world you are living.

  • #Freelance writing
essay writing

These days, freelance writing job is one of the best paying side hustle out there for students and anyone who is into writing and ready to give some few hours for an amazing reward. The good thing is that, you don't need to purchase any equipment to get started, all you need to have is: a computer to work from home, be good at a particular topic, get a good writing and may be some analytical skills in some cases and you are good to go.
There are many companies out there seeking for writers as the demand from both individuals and companies are growing day by day. You could be an academic writer or content provider for companies, businesses etc. The very best part about this side hustle is that, as a student it turns to promote a growth in your area/field or topic of expertise. It is a two side winning for you, plus the time is flexible and very comfortable. You are working on your own schedule where to find such jobs ?It easy. Many academic companies online these days looking for academic writers in a diverse field of study and skills.
  • Try Study bay  if you are interested in freelance writing job.
This is an academic writing service site. The pay is awesome. You can earn a substantial income of up to $2000 by the time the month ends. At one point in time, this was my main source of income.
I once tried their service and it was amazing. Their reward is good also. The average earning per assignment or writing content is $60.72 with rates starting at $6 per page. There was usually a lot for me to work on. Their system of creating a platform for a customer and the writer to have a chat  even makes things easier with working towards the needs of your customer
They can pay via pay pal which is  a safe and accessible way to get money online. They also have visa and master card pay system etc..

How it works ?

The whole process of signing up and start earning money is much easier that you thought! I can summarise this in four simple steps;
  1. Sign Up. After you sign up with them, and you are accepted, the next thing is to find an assignment. Usually ,you will only be assigned to your sphere of interest .A Convenient multi-criteria search tool will help you out with that. So don't stress out!
  2. Communicate with the client directly. Once you are assigned with an assignment, you can have a direct private and secure chat on the platform with the custom. This will help to even ease your task. You guys can negotiate on a price and fix terms and conditions for your work even.
  3. Send the paper. Once you are done with the assignment, upload the final version of paper into the system
  4. Get your money. And thats all, get your reward!!After completing the order, you'll be able to withdraw your funds using any convenient method

  • #Content provider for bloggers and websites

This is another great opportunity also especially for people who love to write. It is a perefect work from home job. All you need is to have a good writing skill and the time. You can earn about $50 dollars for writing up around 500 words just by sitting at home. Depending on your willingness and time, you can make a good deal of cash out of this. Lot of these jobs are easy to find online, you can just sign up with any of the popular Aussie job seeking apps.  are good places to start. The  Airtasker job app is the  most common job app for many Aussies looking for casual job opportunities. Signing is easy, and the usage is really simple. On you have the opportunity to browse through thousands of jobs in Australia.

  • #By Reviewing websites and apps

What about you  get pay just for reviewing apps and websites ?or get other rewards such as vouchers. You can equally just review products online and get paid with free products to taste and keep yourself.

  • #By starting blogging

study and work
This online job is good especially for students who have interest in some particular content or topics. You might even pick a topic from your hobbies, provide interesting and captivating  content for it online and earn from this in due days. Do you have something you are interested in ? a particular niche ? why don't give a try!!may be you are traveler aside being a student. The world will love to see your experience and recommendations from the places you have been to and things you did etc. However, blogging is very lucrative but  only in the long run. If you are searching for immediate cash ,then i suggest you go into this later when you are more stable and with many other alternatives. As a student blogging might pay out, but it won't be an immediate source of income. It takes a really longer time to start earning from a blog and the situation varies per circumstances. Usually many months and even years in most cases. So if you are patient, got a good niche and ready to work then this is a thing for you. You can find some online courses for a starter and move from there.


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