How to apply for admissions & scholarships to study in Australia: Undergraduate & Postgraduate coursework applicant guide

How to apply for undergraduate, and postgraduate coursework programs and secure a scholarship to study in Australia Applying for undergraduate or postgraduate programs and scholarships to study in Australia is a much easier process than applying for research degree programs and scholarships . Research degree scholarships and admissions entry requirements are more complex and very competitive. The application process for an undergraduate or postgraduate work degree program is not that complex as these are not both research degrees.  In general, the whole application process can be done online (you can equally download the forms) or via approved University agents in your home country. This is however limited by geographic location. Some countries can only apply via agents. This information is all found on the University websites, including the registered or approved agents.  Generally, to apply for both admissions and scholarships, you wil

ECU School of Science Excellence Scholarships

scholarships in Australia

About the scholarship

 ECU is offering scholarships to high performing Year 12 students commencing an undergraduate degree program within the School of Science. The scholarship is valued at $15,000 and will be paid as a fee credit towards tuition fees of $2,500 per semester.

  • Open  to: Any country
  • Study level: Undergraduate
  • Study field: Any undergraduate course within the School of Science
  • Scholarship date: Applications for this scholarship are now open and 
  •  Closes: 1-04-2023

Scholarship At a glance

  • You must not be a current ECU student to apply for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to
(Also apply for this Melbourne University International Undergraduate Scholarships(1000 offers)

Eligibility guidelines for this scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • achieve a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE);
  • have achieved an ATAR above 90;
  • be offered and commence an undergraduate degree program within the School of Science at ECU;
  • be enrolled in an undergraduate course in the School of Science;
  • be enrolled full-time in a minimum of three on-campus units (45 credit points) within the School of Science;
  • not be enrolled in a double degree with another school, e.g. Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Business; and
  • not be in receipt of another scholarship.

How to apply for this scholarship

No application is required for this scholarship. Applicants are automatically considered upon successful submission of applications.

For more information


Visit the University Website

 (Also apply for this Undergraduate and Masters course work degree scholarships  at the University of Sydney Australia, Several scholarships are available for 2023- 2024)

Some Tips for successful scholarship application

When applying for a scholarship, you must keep in mind that, this is not just about meeting the eligibility requirement. There are many other things you must consider. Find out below some of the things you need to know on how to successfully apply for a scholarships

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  1. Hi good night to you, I went to Facebook and and sending the message to you, my name is John Anuabo from Karimui Salt Nomane District in Simbu Province of Highland's of Papua New Guinea, I am kindly seeking Sponership of tutuions fees and living expenses in Australia, I was accepted to do Bachelor in Commerce especially Accounting at James Cook University Australia September intake 2021 and completing study in 2023. I am partially sponsorship from JCU and am looking for another half, and also travel visa, living expenses , books, accommodation so Ford. My

    Phone. 73204633

    1. Hi John, James Cook University from what i know offers variety of scholarships through out the year. Did you check the external scholarships site for Jcu? You will probably find some some suitable scholarships to apply for!


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