Over 230+ MSc and PhD scholarship positions at Tasmania University

Unleash Your Research Potential with  230+ MSc and PhD scholarship opportunities at Tasmania University The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is inviting ambitious researchers to embark on their academic journeys with a host of generous scholarship opportunities. UTAS is located amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Tasmania, Australia. The university offers over 230 research-based scholarships, aimed at providing a vibrant research environment for both international and domestic students. Scholarships offered by UTAS are not only financial aid, but an investment in your future. These scholarships provide a wealth of benefits such as reduced or waived tuition fees, living expenses support, access to cutting-edge research facilities, and mentorship from renowned faculty members. Additionally, networking opportunities are available to expand your professional network and connect with like-minded researchers worldwide. UTAS offers a diverse range of research-based scholarships across multiple

Choose from these topics and study with full scholarships in the University of Queensland (UQ)


You must not draft your topic for a PhD or MPhil, Simply choose from the list at the University of Queensland (UQ)

The decision to undertake a Master's or PhD is a rewarding but tasking one. There are different pathways to undertaking a master's by research or PhD. Applicants can either apply to advertised topics or develop their own research proposal and contact a potential supervisor.

The first pathway which involves applying to advertised topics is sometimes preferred by some applicants because it takes off the burden of thinking about a research topic which in itself requires many hours, days, weeks or months of research. However, applying to advertised topics still requires contacting potential supervisors.

If you have the challenge of conceptualising your topic, worry no more, choose from a list of these topics at the University of Queensland.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the filter on the left to refine the search based on study level, student type, scholarship name and research area:

Step 2: Select your topic, read the project summary, and requirements, and see the potential supervisors and application processes

Step 3: Contact the supervisor

Are you still not sure how to go about contacting the supervisor? this article will help you.

Step 4: If accepted by the supervisor, apply for admission and a scholarship

When you are ready to apply, send in your application for a PhD or MPhil.

Did you know that besides scholarships offered by universities, you can study in Australia through Industry Scholarships? Learn more about this opportunity here.

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