How to apply for admissions & scholarships to study in Australia: Undergraduate & Postgraduate coursework applicant guide

How to apply for undergraduate, and postgraduate coursework programs and secure a scholarship to study in Australia Applying for undergraduate or postgraduate programs and scholarships to study in Australia is a much easier process than applying for research degree programs and scholarships . Research degree scholarships and admissions entry requirements are more complex and very competitive. The application process for an undergraduate or postgraduate work degree program is not that complex as these are not both research degrees.  In general, the whole application process can be done online (you can equally download the forms) or via approved University agents in your home country. This is however limited by geographic location. Some countries can only apply via agents. This information is all found on the University websites, including the registered or approved agents.  Generally, to apply for both admissions and scholarships, you wil

Apply for Griffith University scholarships 2023- approximately 600 offers available(Undergrad/MSc/PhD)

                                             temporary work visa

About the position:

Over  600 Scholarship offers at Griffith University 2023: Scholarships for all!

Griffith University Australia has announced the grand plan to make education a thing for everyone by offering over 600 scholarships to support all interested students to study a degree program of their choice at Griffith. The scholarships are open to all new students including continuing students at Griffith University. The scholarships are also open across a diverse field of choice and degree programs! This includes undergraduate, and postgraduate coursework, postgraduate research

These Griffith University scholarships are also a good opportunity for students looking at any other type of financial support as the scholarship ranges from academic to accommodation and even sporting. And above all, applications for these scholarships are free, as there is no application fee(Research Degrees). Students are allowed to apply for multiple scholarships with just one application form. So what are you waiting for? why don't you give it a try! There is a good chance to find a scholarship that suits you!

Also  check these fully funded PhD scholarships at the University of Queensland, multiple positions are available across different areas(Project-based scholarships)


Griffith scholarships Overview

  • Scholarship types: Varies
  • Number of awards: Over 600 offers
  • Degree Program: Undergraduate/Masters/PhD
  • Study field: Any
  • Application: Currently open
  • Application Deadline: Varies- depending on the scholarship you are applying for

Eligibility Criteria

To study at Griffith University, applicants are expected to meet all the minimum entry requirements for the selected degree program of choice and the scholarship eligibility criteria. To therefore increase your chances of securing a scholarship and not wasting your time, Griffith University has made things more easier for applicants by establishing a checklist called Before you apply.

Check that out to learn more about the scholarships and requirements. This checklist provides you with all the information and documentation you will need before applying. This will make the online application easier to work through.

You can also check various courses offered at Griffith University and their specific entry requirements through Griffith University Degree  Finder

How to apply

Applying for Griffith University scholarships is simple. Using one application form, you can apply for multiple eligible scholarships. This increases your chances of securing a scholarship.

To begin, 

  • Start by browsing through the available scholarships to make a choice. 
  • You can use the filter option to narrow down your search. Keep in mind that a scholarship doesn't mean a place at the University. You must apply for a place separately to study at Griffith University to obtain the scholarship. 

 Griffith University scholarship application process 

Once you have checked out the 'Before you apply' checklist and you are ready to apply, the first step to starting your application will be to create an account. This is the application process summary below

  1. Check out Before you apply
  2. Sign up for an account. You will have to register an account in the scholarship system
  3. Start your application

See more details on the Scholarship application process

For Research Degree applicants, the application process differs, browse through Griffith University postgraduate research scholarships and application for details.

Who to contact

For any inquiry on these scholarships, application details etc.. applicants can refer to the Griffith University scholarship team via 

Visit University Website for further details on the 600 scholarships

Also apply for this International Research Tuition Scholarships (IRTS) 2022-2023,  at the University of South Australia. Multiple fully funded MSC/PhD positions, open to any field of choice)

Browse more fully funded Masters and PhD scholarships in Australia. 

Find other  helpful details and guides on research degree admissions and scholarships in Australia below

Pro-tips for research scholarship applications

The followings are some helpful links to browse through. They include tips and guides on how to successfully apply for research Masters and PhD scholarships and admissions to study in Australia. 
These are just some essential elements that any international student thinking to study abroad must be aware of especially when applying for research degree programs abroad. 
This includes information about :

Looking for more scholarship opportunities?
Check  related scholarship links below : 

Don't hesitate to leave a comment below, tell us about your experience in applying for a scholarship abroad, your difficulties and how we can assist you if you need any help. 
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