List of University scholarship portals/databases for international students, Australia

Where to find scholarships to study in Australia (Scholarship Portals/Databases) There are more scholarship opportunities in Australia than you think. Did you know that there are currently about 373 scholarship providers in Australia? which offers over 8000+ scholarships to international students who intend to study in Australia? and above all, did you also know most Australian  Universities have no application fees ? Whatever you are interested in, there is a scholarship for you to explore below When compared to other countries like the US or Canada, this is really a must-try-reason to apply to Australian Universities. In this post, we will talk about the various search engines you should know or use when searching for study in Australia for international students from Undergraduate scholarships for international students to Postgraduate coursework and Research degree scholarships in all fields of study A

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study in Australia

study in Australia

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