PhD Scholarship Opportunities In Transforming Initial Teacher Education for Social Impact

                       PhD Scholarship Opportunities In Transforming Initial Teacher    Education for Social Impact Are you passionate about promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in teacher education? Do you want to make a meaningful contribution to the field through research? We have two exciting PhD projects that align with your goals! About the Positions We are offering two related PhD projects on the topic of cultural diversity of preservice teachers, a critical area in the current educational landscape. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with renowned supervisors and contribute to the development of knowledge in this field. Project 1:Investigate the professional transition of preservice teachers from diverse backgrounds into their first year of teaching. This project aims to understand the challenges and opportunities that preservice teachers face as they enter the profession. Project 2: Explore how preservice teachers and young people from diverse ba

Study in Australia for Free: Universities Without Application Fees

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Study in Australia for Free: Universities Without Application Fees

Deciding to study far from home is a heavy decision. Like most other developed countries with high application fees attached to their University admission process, Australia is different. Most Universities in Australia have no application fees for international students. This and others are some of the many reasons you should consider studying in Australia today. So what is holding you down from grabbing this amazing opportunity?

  • Is it the expensive tuition fees? or living standard?
  • Is it the strong competitive nature of their academic system?
  • Is it the competitive academic requirements? or
  • Is it just that, you are not aware of the amazing opportunities Australia offers to its international students

Answers to your worries

1. Is it the expensive tuition fees? or living standard?

    Australia is one of the top destination countries for international students seeking to pursue their studies in an advanced society with high-quality education, facilities and staff. The education system is the world's best with a friendly international student environment and laws all over the country. It has a world-class- quality of living and world-class educational standards. All of these account for some of the reasons why studying in Australia can be so expensive.

    However, given the rich nature of the country, the friendly people and the government, studying in Australia for international students have been made easy with thousands of scholarships made available for international students by both the government and private institutions. Find information here for university scholarships for international students such as PhD scholarships, masters scholarships and undergraduates equally.

    More so, application fees in most if not all universities are free. Refer here for more Scholarship Opportunities in Australia, provided by the government, organisations and universities. See below  a list of  16 Universities in Australia with no application fees for international students

    16 Universities in Australia with no application fees for admissions and scholarships for international students

    1. Bond University
    2. RMIT-University_Country specific
    3. University of South Australia (UniSA)_Country specific
    4. Central Queensland University (CQUniversity)
    5. Griffith University
    6. University of Wollongong (UOW)
    7. Charles Darwin University (CDU)
    8. James Cook University(JCU)
    9. University of Notre Dame Australia
    10. Australian Catholic University(ACU)
    11. University of New England (UNE)
    12. Melbourne University
    13. Victoria University
    14. University of Technology Sydney(UTS)
    15. University of Adelaide
    16. University of Tasmania
    And the list goes on. Browse through the list of Universities in Australia below. However take note, generally, for all Research Degree Programs(HDR), there is no application in most cases but for coursework degree students in some study options with no waiver, you will have to pay an application fee. Also please note that this list is subject to change, so it is always best to check with the university directly before applying.

    List of Universities in Australia

    2. Is it the strong competitive nature of their academic system? Is it the competitive academic requirements?

      Studying in Australia is very competitive. Not to talk about the scholarship procedure. The massive funding opportunities made available by the government, individual organisations and universities to make life easy for international students coming to study in Australia come with strict/strong requirements. These requirements are put in place to provide these opportunities only to those with true academic quests, strong academic achievements, ambitions and zeal.

      However, to make it easy for all, most universities have put in place pathways to make sure you reach your academic goal and secure a place to study in Australia. In another word, the scholarships in Australia is for all. Even you can get it!! You can always contact Universities to find out about available pathways if you don't meet the requirements for your program of interest. There are diploma and certificate packages for students who don't meet certain requirements for a specific degree program.

      In conclusion, Australia offers all the opportunities you need to study abroad: Top quality universities, world-class education, staff and facilities, thousands of scholarships made available to ease your cost, friendly people, environment and international student laws, availability of many academic discipline options, cultural diversity, beautiful landscapes and nature to free yourself from academic trauma, vibrant city life and beautiful regional sites, available of working opportunities and internships to advance your professional career etc... 

      Find out more here  on some 11 reasons why you should consider studying in Australia today

      See you soon in Australia?!!! apply now to study in Australia
      Universities with no application fees for international students

      University Scholarship opportunities  to study in Australia :

      Worry about how to apply? or how to start with your application? We got you covered. Check these guides below for an application to various degree programs to study in Australia:

      Other scholarships from government and private organisations

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