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Work Ready Skills: Job Searches, Writing a CV and Interviewing(Free online Course with Certificate)

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About the free online course: Work Ready Skills: Job Searches, Writing a CV and Interviewing

Are you a student looking for graduate study opportunities? or a graduate searching for job prospects?  looking to increase your confidence and success rate when applying for opportunities?

If yes, then this free 2 weeks online course is for you. This online short course "Work Ready Skills: Job Searches, Writing a CV and Interviewing" is designed with the aim to provide candidates with the day-to-day work-ready skills needed to secure employment opportunities (including graduate school positions). This includes the discovery and gaining of skills such as interpreting and responding to job advertisements and selection criteria, writing application letters and resumes and developing interview skills for job seekers.

The short online course is provided by Central Queensland University, for a two weeks duration. What is special about this course? Through this course, you will be exposed to real-world examples of advertised positions, response criteria to address, templates for preparing for job interviews and other tips to assist you to succeed in your endeavours. Through this, candidates are expected to learn how to write a resume and cover letter that stand out from the rest, and above all, acquire the skills and hence confidence needed to succeed in interviews and get that dream job, graduate position etc...

What are the topics to be covered in this course?

Listed  below  are some of the main topics that will be covered through the  short online course at the Central Queensland University, Australia:

  1. The Recruitment and Selection Process
  2. The Job Application
  3. Cover Letter and Resume (CV)
  4. Planning for the Interview
  5. Develop Interview Skills
  6. Transitioning into a New Role

Why should you take this course? (Benefits and expected  achievements)

Firstly, you should definitely take this course because it's free, and it's 100% online. You don't need to be displaced. It has no specific requirements to get enrolled. Furthermore, at the end of the course, the enrolled students should achieve the following skills and even get a free certificate:

  1.  Ability to model a well-written job application. Learn how to write a resume and cover letter that stand out from the rest.
  2. Discover and develop new interview and writing skills to succeed in your applications
  3. discovery and gaining of skills such as interpreting and responding to job advertisements and selection criteria etc...

Course Enrolment Details

  • Course Duration:  2 weeks
  • Class Duration: 2 Hours a week
  • Pace: Sell-paced
  • Location: 100 % online
  • Cost: Free
  • Completion Award: A free  Certificate of Achievement with 90% completion
  • Starting date: Any time
  • Organizer: Central Queensland University 
  • Learning Materials:  a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities

How to get enrolled or Register for this course

To register for this free Work Ready Skills: Job Searches, Writing a CV and Interviewing course is easy. 

  1. visit website
  2. Create your account and register on the learning platform
  3. Start your free online classes. See screenshot for details below
interview sample questions

This course is available for free and it's a short course (2 weeks duration). A completion certificate upon about 90% completion of the course. Candidates equally have an option to obtain an unlimited monthly subscription for a year after that to get continuous access to the online materials. The course materials can equally be purchased with a one-time instalment.

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