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About Scholarship positions:  International Postgraduate Tuition Awards (IPTA), University of Wollongong(MSc/PhD) Multiple fully funded Masters and PhD positions are currently open at the University of Wollongong(UOW) for eligible international students to conduct research in any field of choice across the University.  The UOW offers a range of graduate research scholarships and awards to high-achieving international applicants to undertake a Higher Degree by Research studies in different faculties.  The scholarships and awards are usually in the form of allowances to assist recipients in meeting their living costs while they undertake research in UOW. This includes but is not limited to annual stipends per every fortnight, living support allowances and tuition fee covers.  The International Postgraduate Tuition Awards (IPTA) at UOW are provided to support higher degrees by research students' tuition fees. These IPTA are awarded under thre

Free online courses Australia: Digital Skills-Digital Marketing

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About the Free online course: Digital Skills-Digital Marketing

Ready to use digital marketing to grow your career or business? Every body needs digital skills these days for one reason  or another. Being to run your own business, for a new career path, for a career growth or self development. We  now live in a digital world. Digitals skills are essential for a day to day run of activities. 

This is a popular free digital marketing course with over 197,993 enrolled students around the world. See some amazing reviews below

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Some skills to develop through this course

What are some essential digital skills or strategies need for digital marketing ? that you will  gain by undertaking this free course

With this free digital skills-digital marketing online course, individuals will have the the opportunity to learn  what digital marketing is, why it is important and look at some digital marketing strategies including: 

  • display advertising, 
  • pay per click advertising, 
  • search engine optimisation and email marketing,
  •  importance of balancing and integrating different digital marketing strategies and 
  • how companies target customers.

Importance of this course and reasons to get enrolled

As already mentioned above, digital marking skills are essential for our day to running of life and business activities. 
Below are some reasons why you get enrolled into this free digital marketing course:

  1. To  develop new digital marketing skills  for a career growth or improve your existing digital marketing skills. Through this free online course, you will be able to understand what digital marketing is, the different types of digital marketing including; display advertisements, pay per click, search engine optimisation, and email marketing, key features that should be included in a digital marketing strategy, understand the benefits and importance of integrating different digital marketing techniques among others
  2. An added value to your CV. This course is accredited by The CPD Certification Service.
  3. An opportunity to establish a new job for yourself or for others. As of this era, Digital skills and education are the most seek after qualifications both for self employment and entrepreneurship.  
  4. This is a free education, free opportunity involving not cost! S o why not take a look, yout got nothing to loose plus it  100% online
  5. Also it is self-pace course. You can chose your time and when do it
Don't Forget To

Major topics to be covered in this free online course

The course will run for 2 weeks.

In week one individuals will be expected to cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Display and pay-per-click advertising
And week 2 the followings will be covered:
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • How to integrate these techniques

Eligibility criteria: Who can apply for this free online course?

There is no eligibility criteria for this course. Any one can apply. No Experience or qualification is required to get enrolled. The course is open for anyone interest in digital marketing especially those seeking  to develop their entrepreneurial skills, or getting ready  to enter the job market  or looking to change careers etc. This is a good course for bloggers also or campaign managers running online advertisements.
All you need is a book, good internet connection and computer for the online course

Course enrollment details :

  • Course Duration : two weeks
  • Class Duration: 2 Hours a week
  • Pace : Sell-paced
  • Location: 100 % online
  • Cost : Free
  • Completion Award: A free  Certificate of Achievement
  • Starting date : Any time
  • Organizer : Accenture.  A free interactive digital marketing skills platform
  • Learning Materials :  a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities

How to get enrolled for this free online course

The whole course is online, To get enroll,  register and create an account on the Future Learn platform 

  1. visit the platform Digital Skills: Digital Marketing
  2. Create your account and register on the learning platform
  3. Start your free Digital Skills: Digital Marketing
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How to Register

As you have seen from other Learners reviews above. This is a course that can enable you to develop your professional skills and  enrich your live.  FutureLearn offers hundred of other online courses like digital skills and digital marketing and it is fast becoming one of the leading marketplace platform for learning and teaching online . These courses are created by leading Universities and professional institutions. Looking for more online courses in Digital Marketing?  ExpertTrack: Study Social Media Marketing with the University of Leeds - Start your 7-day free trial. Sign-up Now

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