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Pro-tips on how to study in Australia for Free  Imagine being able to study in Australia without worrying about the financial burden. It may seem impossible, but with the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck, you can achieve this dream and study in Australia for free. Don't let the fear of expenses hold you back from pursuing your education. With determination and hard work, you can make your dreams a reality.  So yes, It is possible to study in Australia without spending a single penny, provided you have the right qualifications, guidelines and a bit of luck. Let me explain it to you in detail. In Australia, most universities don't charge international students any application fees, particularly postgraduate research students. You can find a list of 16 universities in Australia that don't require application fees. This is a great opportunity for international students with good academic records to apply to multiple universities, increasing their ch

Free online English Language courses at Macquarie University (IELTS Speaking test Preparation classes)

Ielts free

About the free  IELTS Speaking test preparation classes at Macquarie University

Update 29/10/2021: as of this date, this is now a premium course with certificates after achievement. Premium means an extra charge($19)  to obtain the certificate after course completion.

Macquarie University is offering free online IELTS speaking test preparation classes to help assist international students who are interested to study in Australia/ abroad achieve their desired IELTS score. The free online classes are very profitable as it provides opportunities to interact with other learners and practise your fluency, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills. The course is also very beneficial as it will enable applicants to learn how to self-assess their own responses and identify what they need to continue to work on so as to be successful in their  IELTS Speaking test. The course aims to provide applicants with all techniques and strategies examiners at looking for so as to be able to improve performance in each part of the Speaking test.

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Why you should take this free IELTS Speaking test Preparation classes?

  • It's all free. You will take the classes at no cost.
  • Receive free tips to improve your IELTS English speaking score
  • It's 100% online. You can learn comfortably while lying in your bed
  • You will be studying under the supervision of highly professional English Language tutors in Macquarie University, that will teach you the techniques and strategies to improve your performance in each part of the Speaking test. You will be exposed to all the strategies & techniques to improve your Fluency, Vocabulary, Grammar & Pronunciation
  • With this free course, you will be able to understand how the examiner will assess your responses. At the end of the day, you will be prepared and feel more confident to achieve your desired IELTS speaking score.
  • Study at your own pace. The course time and schedule are flexible. You can choose your own time, stop and pause at any time.
  • No eligibility is required to be enrolled in this free English course. The course is open to anyone who is struggling or intends to improve their IELTS speaking scores so as to be able to meet University entry requirements
  • Free Certificate of achievement. A free  Certificate of Achievement will be provided to all those who successfully complete their course
Don't Forget To

What material or topics will be covered in this course

Below are some of the major topics that will be covered through this free IELTS speaking test preparation classes :

  • Language you need for each part of the test
  • How you will be assessed
  • Speaking more clearly
  • Improving your fluency
  • Enhancing your vocabulary
  • Using better grammar
  • Practising with peers

Course enrollment details :

  • Course Duration: two weeks
  • Class Duration: 3Hours a week
  • Pace: Sell-paced
  • Location: 100 %
  • Cost: Free
  • Completion Award: A free  Certificate of Achievement
  • Starting date: Any time
  • Organizer: Macquarie University
  • Learning Materials:  a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities

How to get enrolled or register for this course.

To register for this free English IELT course is easy. 

  1. visit website
  2. Create your account and register on the learning platform
  3. Start your free IELTS preparation classes
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