International Postgraduate Tuition Awards (IPTA), University of Wollongong (MSc/PhD positions)

About Scholarship positions:  International Postgraduate Tuition Awards (IPTA), University of Wollongong(MSc/PhD) Multiple fully funded Masters and PhD positions are currently open at the University of Wollongong(UOW) for eligible international students to conduct research in any field of choice across the University.  The UOW offers a range of graduate research scholarships and awards to high-achieving international applicants to undertake a Higher Degree by Research studies in different faculties.  The scholarships and awards are usually in the form of allowances to assist recipients in meeting their living costs while they undertake research in UOW. This includes but is not limited to annual stipends per every fortnight, living support allowances and tuition fee covers.  The International Postgraduate Tuition Awards (IPTA) at UOW are provided to support higher degrees by research students' tuition fees. These IPTA are awarded under thre

How to Succeed at Writing Applications, free online Course

                                  free online courses

About the opportunity: How to Succeed at Writing Applications, free online Course

This is a free three-week online course that aims to train students to produce a perfect CV, application and online profile when applying for a job or course. The course is prepared and organised by experts from the University of Sheffield sharing their top tips to help students write exceptional applications, CVs (or résumés), covering letters and personal statements. The course will provide the opportunity to listen to admissions tutors and employers on what they are after, and what they are looking for in a candidate.

The course is open to everyone, especially for people applying for Universities or searching for new jobs. It's a great course for those looking to upgrade their skills

What are the topics covered in this course?

Find below some of the main topics that will be covered through the "How to Succeed at Writing Applications, free online Course":

1. Understanding your skills: 

  • Analysing job adverts and course descriptions
  • Researching the organisation
  • Promoting yourself through positive writing
  • Mastering applicant tracking systems
  • Creating a personal brand
  • Dealing with gaps in your application
2. CVs and covering letters

  • Making a positive impression
  • Creating an effective CV
  • Developing a professional online profile
  • Selling yourself in your covering letter
  • Exploring sample CVs and covering letters
  • Application forms and personal statements
  • How to approach application forms
  • Structuring your responses with the STAR technique
  • Responding to competency-based, strength-based, motivational and situational judgement questions
  • How to write a brilliant personal statement

Why should you take this free online course "How to Succeed at Writing Applications?

One, the course is free and is available 100% online for all. Plus you don't have to be displaced. You can basically sit in the comfort of your bed and get free education, new skills and certificate. Apart from that, below are some of the major achievements or reasons to be enrolled for this course:
  1. To improve your chances of success in securing  admissions/a place on a university course or getting a job
  2. To develop new skills by identifying new ways to  promote yourself effectively through positive writing and a strong personal brand, establishing an identity that looks impressive to a recruiter(whether its a university or an employer)
  3. To develop new skills to be able to identify what these recruiters are looking for, be able to analyse job adverts and research employers and institutions and hence, be able to find out how to easily adapt your offer to suit their requirements
  4. To develop a better understanding of your skills, potentials and how to apply them when applying for admissions or searching for new jobs
  5. To be able to develop and apply best practice techniques when applying for admissions, jobs, from preparing to apply, to writing CVs and completing application forms

Course Enrollment details

  • Course Duration: Three weeks
  • Class Duration: 3 Hours a week
  • Pace: Sell-paced
  • Location: 100 % online
  • Cost: Free
  • Completion Award: A free  Certificate of Achievement with 90% completion
  • Starting date: Any time
  • Organizer: The University of Sheffield
  • Learning Materials:  a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities

How to get enrolled or register for this course

To register for this free academic writing course is easy. 

  1. visit website
  2. Create your account and register on the learning platform
  3. Start your free How to Succeed at Writing Applications, free online Course
free online courses

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