How to apply for admissions & scholarships to study in Australia: Undergraduate & Postgraduate coursework applicant guide

How to apply for undergraduate, and postgraduate coursework programs and secure a scholarship to study in Australia Applying for undergraduate or postgraduate programs and scholarships to study in Australia is a much easier process than applying for research degree programs and scholarships . Research degree scholarships and admissions entry requirements are more complex and very competitive. The application process for an undergraduate or postgraduate work degree program is not that complex as these are not both research degrees.  In general, the whole application process can be done online (you can equally download the forms) or via approved University agents in your home country. This is however limited by geographic location. Some countries can only apply via agents. This information is all found on the University websites, including the registered or approved agents.  Generally, to apply for both admissions and scholarships, you wil

Fully Funded MSc/PhD scholarships James Cook University, Australia

Fully funded Scholarships 2022

 About the positions

Apply for James Cook University Higher Degree Research Scholarships 2023

Applications are currently welcome for James Cook University Higher Degree Research(HDR) Scholarships 2023. They are two types of scholarships open for international students. The International Research Training Program Scholarships(RTPS) with a living stipends value of $28,854 per annum paid fortnightly + Overseas Health Cover and the JCU Postgraduate Research Scholarships (JCUPRS)with a living stipend of  $28,854 per annum paid fortnightly.

These scholarships are available for eligible international students with outstanding research potential and academic achievements to undertake a research Masters or PhD degree program at JCU. The scholarships are open within  any field of choice. Applications for Research Degree Programs are accepted all year at James Cook University. Scholarships however have specific deadlines. Applicants interested in these scholarships must therefore apply before these deadlines. 

Tips* James Cook University is one of the numerous universities in Australia with no application fee for international students.  Looking for University without application fees? Here is a list of other universities in Australia with no application fees for international student

Also apply for Charles Darwin University Research Training Program(RTP)  Stipend Scholarships 2022-2023( MSc/PhD positions)

JCU Scholarships Overview(RTPS and JCUPRS)

  • scholarship type: Full tuition cover
  • Scholarship stipend value: $28,854 per annum (2022 rate)
  • Degree Program: MSc/PhD by research
  • Available in: All Faculties
  • Number of positions: not specified
  • Location: James Cook University
  • Application Deadlines:  30th September 2022

Eligibility Criteria for JCU research scholarships

To be eligible for a research degree admissions and scholarships to study at James Cook University, Australia applicants must demonstrate academic capacity at a satisfactory level (Grade Point Average of Credit or equivalent) in their final year of coursework study that was used as part of the basis for admission. The applicant must meet the IELTS Band 2 English Language Requirements or equivalent as defined by the University.

For  PhD degree applicants: 

To be eligible to apply for entry to a Doctoral program, an applicant must demonstrate the capacity to undertake research at the Doctoral level by attaining at least one of the following:
  1. a Bachelor’s degree with at least Second Class, Division A (Honours) in a degree program that included a total of at least a semester of supervised project work, the results of which contributed to the Honours grade;
  2. a postgraduate qualification which included: (a) supervised research component(s) of at least one semester or equivalent and resulted in the production of output(s) graded at the equivalent of Distinction or better, and (b) at least one research methods subject;
  3. a Research Masters degree, where at least two-thirds of the degree consisted of a supervised research component and resulted in the production of a thesis or equivalent;
  4. a combination of qualifications, research training and experience, considered equivalent to the above by the Dean of the College to which the Candidate is applying, e.g., senior authorship of at least one peer-reviewed publication plus completion of an appropriate research methods subject.

For a research Masters applicant:

To be eligible to apply for entry to a Research Masters degree an applicant must demonstrate the capacity to undertake research at the Research Masters level by:
  1.  the attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree with either a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 5.5 in the final full-time year of study, or 
  2. with demonstrated research experience.
Read more here about JCU  Research Degree Requirements

How to apply for JCU HDR scholarships

James Cook University like most of the other Universities in Australia requires applicants to submit a candidature for research degree programs at the times of applying for a scholarship. To apply for a James Cook University HDR candidature(MSc/PhD), prospective applicants must first develop a research topic and negotiate a suitable advisory panel through the Expression of Interest process. While submitting your application for a research degree program, you must indicate that you wish to apply for a scholarship, you will be considered for all the scholarships for which you are eligible. 

Visit James Cook University How to apply page for a simple step by step process on how to submit a Masters or PhD candidature within any program of choice

Expected documents to submit

  • APP-FORM-01 Higher Degree by Research Application: Word
  • Transcripts and testamurs for all qualifications completed or currently underway
  • Proof of citizenship or residency in the form of a passport, birth certificate or visa
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Current curriculum vitae (CV)

Who to contact

For further details on this scholarship, application procedure etc... Don't hesitate to contact the James Cook University Graduate Research School(GRS) via
Graduate Research School(GRS)

Visit University Website for further details on this scholarship

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Also check these helpful guidelines below for a tip on how to apply successfully for Research Degree Scholarships in Australia, how to contact potential supervisors and send "cold emails" etc...

Pro-tips for research scholarship applications

The followings are some helpful links to browse through. They include tips and guides on how to successfully apply for research Masters and PhD scholarships and admissions to study in Australia. 
These are just some essential elements that any international student thinking to study abroad must be aware of especially when applying for research degree programs abroad. 

This includes information about :

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