PhD Scholarship Opportunities In Transforming Initial Teacher Education for Social Impact

                       PhD Scholarship Opportunities In Transforming Initial Teacher    Education for Social Impact Are you passionate about promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in teacher education? Do you want to make a meaningful contribution to the field through research? We have two exciting PhD projects that align with your goals! About the Positions We are offering two related PhD projects on the topic of cultural diversity of preservice teachers, a critical area in the current educational landscape. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with renowned supervisors and contribute to the development of knowledge in this field. Project 1:Investigate the professional transition of preservice teachers from diverse backgrounds into their first year of teaching. This project aims to understand the challenges and opportunities that preservice teachers face as they enter the profession. Project 2: Explore how preservice teachers and young people from diverse ba

Job Seeker Visa Australia: Where to find them(Sponsored visa jobs)

   Visa Sponsorship

Sponsored visa jobs in Australia: What they are and Where to find them

Do you know that you can actually get Visa Sponsorship jobs in Australia, work and stay in Australia? and even bring the family along? Yes! It is possible and people have been doing it for years. It is not an easy process but actually, there is nothing easy. As long as others have been doing it successfully, YES you can also! Knowing where to find these opportunities and how to go about them is the key to your success.

Via a job seeker visa opportunity, an Australian Employer can sponsor a skilled worker living abroad who wishes to travel and work in Australia. Or someone already in Australia who need to switch visa ie on another type of visa that does not currently allow them to work. It also goes for someone already in Australia and working on another visa type.

There are many employer-sponsored type visas available. These visas range from training visas ie temporary or short-stay visas to permanent visas. Depending on the sponsored visa type, you can work and live in Australia for 1, 2, 4 to 5 years or work and live in Australia permanently. Most of the visa types allow you to bring the family along and enjoy all the beauty and comfort Australia has to offer. You equally have provisional visa types which enable you to transition from temporary visa to permanent resident. If you don't know the visa that suits you best, here we have an exhaustive list of Job Seeker visa types in Australia for you to explore.

Visa Sponsorship job opportunities are initiated to fill skill shortages and provide employers with access to labour that cannot be found domestically. As such, to be eligible for these opportunities, the applicant must meet certain criteria. This depends on factors such as your relevant experience, qualifications, age, English language competency, the nominated position including the offered salary,  the shortage occupation list etc.

If you are looking for sponsored visa job opportunities in Australia, here below are the most popular job sites in Australia to explore. These sites contain thousands of opportunities across Australia and in every sector. You can download their mobile apps to help you explore everyday opportunities. Use the search bar and filter options to navigate through jobs of your choice. 


Explore more than 1000+ monthly updates on sponsored visa jobs and other categories. Available mobile app to use, easy to use and navigate


Jora is another giant site used in Australia to explore thousands of opportunities available for internationals looking for sponsored jobs in Australia. The site claims to have approximately 2000+ sponsored visa job opportunities, with a monthly update. The site is equally easy to navigate and a mobile app is available.


Indeed is another giant house you don't want to leave out. The site equally contains thousands of international opportunities, continuous updates, a great mobile app to use and easy to navigate.


Jooble equally claims to have an exhaustive list of visa-sponsored job opportunities. Visit the website and navigate through specific jobs of interest.

5. Do not Underestimate  LinkedIn.

Approximately 3000+ sponsored visa jobs are advertised every on  LinkedIn from Australia. Thousands of employers are there looking for overseas labour. It is a popular job search market in Australia.

6.  Adzuna. 

This platform  contains thousands of Visa sponsorship jobs and career opportunities, sourced from multiple job sites all over Australia

7. WorkForceAustralia

There are 217,149+ jobs currently advertised on Workforce Australia

8. Other growing and local sites include Careerone, Stay tuned as we continue to update the list.

Other important things to consider for your job search

 Australia has a  job shortage skill list. Having those skills or tailoring your study programme to those skills increases your chances of getting a job and PR. Open and explore the Australian Skill Shortage List

Based on recent reports, here are Australia's top 10 most in-demand jobs that will be in need of a new influx of trained workers in the coming 5 years from recent government projections 

  1. Construction managers 
  2. Civil engineering professionals
  3. Early childhood teachers
  4. Registered nurses
  5. ICT (information and communications technology) business and systems analysts
  6. Software and applications programmers
  7. Electricians
  8. Chefs
  9. Child carers
  10. Age and disability carers. as reported by, Australia

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  1. Hi Mustafa I am also change my visa category student to agriculture farm working visa how it is possible please let me know. Thanks.

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  3. I need a technician (ICT) work visa.

    1. This is really a high demanding job in Australia. You can explore the job websites above and try to find a position and apply. Good luck!

  4. Hie how does one get a job as a fruit picker if you are not in Australia???

    1. Hi, You can apply for the Working Holidays Visa

  5. You have worked nicely with your insights. Lots of valuable data for Direct Support Professional Jobs can be taken from your article. Genuinely it is a significant article for us.


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