600 Melbourne University Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS), 2022( fully funded MSc/PhD positions)

                        About the positions Melbourne University Graduate Research Scholarships(GRS)2022 Looking for fully funded graduate research scholarships to study abroad? Then you are in the right place. This is a great scholarship opportunity for any international student wishing to study abroad. This prestigious scholarship award is administered by Melbourne University  as a form of support to high achieving students around the world to study any research program in one of Australia's most prestigious universities. The opportunity is  open to both domestic and international students to pursue a career in any research disciple of their choice  to study Masters or PhD by research at the  Melbourne University Don't Forget To  Scholarships  benefits and Value Stipend and fee offset scholarships Scholarship type:  Full tuition fee co

Fully funded PhD scholarships Bond University, Australia

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About the position: 

Bond University Higher Degree Scholarship: Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships 2022-2023

Applications for Bond University RTP scholarships for 2022-2023 are set to open on the 1st February 2022 for the round of Bond University Higher Degree Scholarships. The Bond University RTP scholarships are provided by the commonwealth government of Australia to support eligible applicants undertaking PhD by research in their chosen field of study at Bond University.

The  Bond University RTP scholarships provide tuition fees and living support for successful applicants. The  RTP scholarships are awarded through a competitive merit-based process. The RTP scholarships at Bond University are offered to students who possess excellent academic merit and research potential. 

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Bond University RTPS scholarships overview:

  • Scholarship type: Tuition fee wave
  • Degree Program: PhD
  • Available in:   In all faculties 
  • Number of awards: Limited positions
  • Location: Bond University, Australia
  • Citizen type: International students/Domestics
  • Opens:  1st February 2022
  • Application Deadlines:  Two rounds. 
Round 1: 31 March 2022
Round 2:  30 September 2022

Research Degree candidature must be submitted early enough to be considered for a scholarship round. Details are provided on the next few paragrams on how to submit an application for a research degree at Bond University.

Eligibility Criteria for Bond University RTP scholarships

Bond University applies a  merit-based approach in determining eligible applicants for a scholarship. The scholarship will only be awarded to students based on academic excellent and research potential. The scholarship is open for commencing students or students intending to undertake a research degree at Bond University.  To be considered for Bond University RTP scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  1. Applicant  must have a valid Bond University Letter of Offer for a doctoral program( meaning you must have applied and secured admissions into Bond University by the time you are submitting your RTP scholarship application)
  2. Applicant must be studying a doctoral program full time 
  3. Applicant must be studying for a doctoral program 

Note: If you have previously applied for a Higher Degree Scholarship at Bond University, and were unsuccessful, you are not eligible to reapply.​​

For further details on Bond University's assessment criteria visit the University Assessment of Scholarship Applications Framework 

How to apply for Bond University RTP scholarships

To apply for Bond University Higher degree scholarships, applicants are expected to first submit candidature for a higher degree program at Bond University. At the time of applying for the scholarship, applicants must have received a valid Letter of Offer for admission to a doctoral research program from Bond University Admissions Department. To be considered for the scholarship, the applicant must apply for admissions before the scholarship round deadline

To apply for admission to Bond University for a Research Degree Program, you will need to complete and submit an expression of interest (EOI) prior to completing an application. Make sure to apply early before the dude date of the scholarship round. To apply for a research degree admissions and be considered for a scholarship, the following steps are needed:
  • Step 1 -Complete and submit  Expression of interest (E0I) to Faculty. This is done online via  Bond University Online Application Service. Before applicant starts their application, they are expected to submit an Expression of Interest (Eol) to relevant faculty. Applicants will need to register and complete the Expression of Interest section of the application. The applicant will be assessed for the availability of supervision.
  • Step 2 - Apply for Admission to Bond University. If you are successful with your EoI, you will be notified of the outcome and will be invited back to proceed and complete your application via the same admission portal.
  • Step 3 - Apply for a Scholarship. Once admission has been secured, and you have received a letter of Offer, you can lodge your application for this scholarship using the same application portal, further details would be provided by the department of admissions.
Visit Bond University admission page for further details on how to apply.

Applications for the RTP scholarships are done online via Bond University HDR admissions portals( Bond University Online Application Service). Applicants must apply using the Higher Degree Scholarship application form that can be accessed from the portal.

Some documents to get ready for the application include:

  1. Research Project Proposal
  2. Academic Transcripts  including the results/grades awarded, information on institution grading systems/scales, and evidence of completion
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV) Please include any research publications and conference presentations
  4. Prize and Award Certificates
  5. Two referee reports

Who to contact

If facing any difficulty, or have a question regarding requirements, application procedures this can be directed to the Bond University Research Scholarships Officer, see contact details below

Research Scholarships Officer 
Visit University website for further details on this scholarship. 

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See some helpful topics  below to help you succeed with your applications

Pro-tips for research scholarship applications

The followings are some helpful links to browse through. They include tips and guides on how to successfully apply for research Masters and Ph.D. scholarships and admissions to study in Australia. 
These are just some essential elements that any international student thinking to study abroad must be aware of especially when applying for research degree programs abroad. 

This includes information about :

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